A Mysterious Redeemer

Another story of the redeemer: A maiden and virgin, a ‘victorious helper’, and ‘fabricator of bodies’, enters a magical lake. Preserved in the lake’s water is the sperm of a great prophet in the form of wisdom. The sperm impregnates the virgin and she gives birth to a male child. The boy has a radiant body and exudes royal glory. He will not be fed by his mother, but instead live fifty-seven years as a vegetarian, forty years just of water, and another ten years of a spiritual nutrition. After one hundred seven years this man will redeem the world. In the final battle with evil, he will melt the metals in the hills and mountains, which will flow like a river down into the earth without harming the righteous. He will triumph, resurrect the dead, give them eternal life, cleanse souls and reunite them with God. And time will give way to eternity.

Who is described here?

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  1. Enoch. Israel / Jakob / Anointed / Lucifer / Isaiah / Righteous One / Messiah / Father / Cristo / Sanandra / Marduk / High Priest M. / Sabbatical Goat Baphomet / Ascending Venus love ruled Taurus / Cancer Home Type living in Tent’s / Elijah / Moses / Ji Wei / Sophia / Grasp by the heel / The first born only begotten Son living Goddess spirit last Adam / The Samaritan / 1440 / James / John / Seamus / Suplanter / Farmer / Gardener / Servant / Jeshurun / Alchemist Philosophers Stone / Solomon / Adversary / Thief in the night / Archangel Michael / Saint Germaine Santiago / The Fallen Evening Morningstar Sirius / Horus / Levitian / Ammon / Enki / Ra / Poseidon / Serpent 13 th / 0-22 / Malachi / Jeremiah / Yaqub / Lamb / Yaldaboth / The Jupiter/Venus Conjunction 30/06/2015 / Phoenician/ Unicorn / Forever placed among the stars by Hera / Moonlight / Drunkard / Great Ego / minor fall, Major Lift – David / Jonah / Second Coming / The Cube / Yah / Me Therefore I Am / Cornerstone Red/Blue Kachina / Son Of Man / Salvation / House of righteousness / Yerusalem / Inner city of peace / Ceres

    Bread. Breath. Blood. ..

    # Jorn Jakob Albert Boor (So as above. So is below) light for the Gentiles first. But in the end for all nations / children
    Tree of life. Woodpecker. Dream Catcher. 8 8 / 3 6 9 / vigilant / Watcher / Observer / Melchizezedek / Trinity / The Patriarch

    Not a” Mystery ” Anymore. THE REDEEMER (Last Full Moon Pisces I Feel 2 times 7 Years (Capricorn equinox southern node) and (Cancer equinox north node) “Shift” work on the chakra’s to merge feminine/Masculine principles Rachel (Ewe) 2 become 1 body again (Kundalini/ Yin Yang)

    Now merging the “David star ascending/desending” collect the striped. spotted . Etc. . Clean washed and further up the road wandering fertility to be the miracle plane destination. …DANCE for JOY. ..xxx

  2. This particular one is Saoshyant, the redeemer figure of Zoroaster. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Saoshyant.

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