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Nu Christ’s mission: Remove shadows from cave walls and give religion/spirituality a modern voice.

Around 1900, religion in general and Christianity in particular were beaten to a pulp. Science scoffed at it, communists and atheists raged against it, and capitalists abused it. Nietzsche had a closer look at the psychology of religion and declared God dead. How can modern prophecy be possible after that?

After the dust settled, the church still stood, the heart ripped out, embarrassed, leaning frail and wobbly on the shoulders of its people. Nietzsche shrugged his shoulders and said, “God is dead, but considering the state the species mankind is in, there will be caves, perhaps for ages yet, in which his shadow will be shown.”

This is an allusion to the legend that Buddha’s shadow continued to show on a cave wall long after his death, as well as Plato’s cave allegory. Plato’s cave parable illustrates the creation of ideas. In the cave of perception, people are chained to the spot, facing a wall. They watch shadows being projected on the wall from things passing a fire behind them. They give names to those shadows and thereby create ideas. According to Plato, we don’t have direct access to reality, only through inductive reasoning. Ideas are shadows of reality bites.

Can we free ourselves and get out of the cave? That’s where spirituality comes in. Outside lurk other realities, accessible through mystical or prophetic visions. And that’s where the monk in the picture comes in. He’s as thrilled as Nietzsche that the old God of theology is dead, who was just a notion, a dogma, an intellectual concept. But he makes efforts to remove God’s shadow as well, something Nietzsche didn’t bother doing. He wants to break the twilight’s spell so that people break the chains of common perception and sense and climb out of the cave of dogmatic religion into the light of spiritual reality – direct knowledge of God. That’s modern prophecy!

God is dead, long live God!

The question remains: is modern prophecy possible?



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