Aisha was formed from Adam‘s rib (Gen 2.22), unlike Eve as commonly believed.

Strong’s Concordance: אשה ‘ishshah {ish-shaw’} from 0376 or 0582; TWOT – 137a; n f AV – wife 425, woman 324, one 10, married 5, female 2, misc 14; 780 1) woman, wife, female 1a) woman (opposite of man) 1b) wife (woman married to a man) 1c) female (of animals) 1d) each, every (pronoun).

Aisha also means to be firm, to heal, fire, and wife. 

In a spiritual context, Aisha symbolizes the mind, which allows Adam to live and perceive (that’s why it was written that Adam could not function on his own).

Aisha belongs to the Gematria of 306, as do the following terms:

  • YVTzR (a fashioner or framer, a potter, a statuary, a maker, a creator): This relates to the forming of Adam and Aisha in the formative world (Yetzirah)
  • DBSh (honey)
  • H’MNVRH (the Menorah): the seven lights (chakras).
  • RMVNY (pomegranates): a symbol of female powers, shown in Tarot card 2 on the veil behind the High Priestess

On a side note: the term BN AShH, ben aisha, (son of a woman), designates Aish (literally man), our incarnated individuality. BN AshH belongs to the Gematria of 358, which illustrates the secret of redemption.

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