Modern Prophecy

Nu Christ’s mission: Remove shadows from cave walls and give religion/spirituality a modern voice. Around 1900, religion in general and Christianity in particular was beaten to a pulp. Science scoffed at it, communists and atheists raged against it, and capitalists abused it. Nietzsche had a closer look at the psychology of religion and declared God … Read more

Your Words May Predict Your Future Mental Health

Though it’s a psychological subject, Mariano Sigman touched on a few interesting spiritual subjects in his TED speech. By analyzing the fossils of human thoughts (in ancient books), he discovered the multi-dimensional Space of Words.  He used the Space of Words methodology to analyse the history of introspection or self-realization. He mentions two peaks, the first around 400 BCE … Read more

merlin and young arthur

The History of King Arthur’s Legend in a Spiritual Spotlight

Why put a spiritual spotlight on the history of the King Arthur legend? Because his legend has a secret, spiritual dimension. We also connect a few interesting historical dots.

Let’s begin with some records about the history of King Arthur. In 550 BCE, the writer Gilda mentions a Roman centurion with the name Lucius Artorius Castus in his book De Excidio et Conquestu Britanniae. He recounts the Briton’s and Roman’s victory⁠ over the Picts (2) in the third century at a place called Mt. Badon. (1) It is uncertain whether Artorius and King Arthur are one and the same person. Some believe that Lucius lived in the 2nd century. 

250 years later the Celtic monk and historian Nennius refers to Artorius in his book Historia Brittonum.    

The History of the Britons in 900 A.D., whose author was probably a Welsh monk, tells the story of a warrior called Arthur. He overcame the Saxons in twelve battles. Twelve is significant in Alchemy and Astrology. It’s the number of the zodiac signs and the twelve stages of the great work. Arthur gets his first spiritual touch. 

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jesus tree of life

Jesus’ Crucifixion on the Tree of Life

Our father’s God raised up Jesus, whom you slew and hung on a tree. – Act 5:30

Huh?They hung him on a tree after crucifying him? That doesn’t sound like the good old crucifixion, does it? Is this a Biblical contradiction or a Biblical accident?

It’s not a tabu subject. Check out the image below, taken from an album published by Bowles & Carver in the later 18th century. The title: The Tree of Life bearing twelve manner of fruits.

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