planetary boot camp

The Planetary Boot Camp or The Unknown Conspiracy

Imagine our planet is a boot camp that was installed by aliens. They put up nature and evolved organisms to the level of Homo sapiens. The aliens are long gone, but the boot camp is still up and running. It’s like an abandoned action game. We are born into it, struggle, die, and go again. Again and again.
We don’t know what’s going on. The struggle for survival and success keeps us so busy that we don’t question our planetary reality. Worse, we brainwash each other. We agree to compete, see enemies everywhere, and trust no-one. We tolerate being pulled into conflicts, arguments, fights, and quarrels. At work and at home.

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Drug Addiction and Why Spirituality is the Ultimate Cure

This speech is a great reminder that social integration is the key to diminishing crimes and addiction. Mind the choice of words: diminishing, not fighting. A drug addiction is a weakness and it is stupid to fight weaknesses, they need strengthening!   This clue leads deep into the spiritual nature of humans. Separation is the … Read more

The Fountain of Youth

Spiritual scriptures – including the Bible – tell of things that happen inside us, not outside. The Kingdom of Heaven is inside and all other spiritual things too. How many religious misunderstandings could this truth put away with if collectively accepted… Tony Wyss-Coray doesn’t surprise when he suggests that the Fountain of Youth is inside, … Read more

The History of our World in 18 Minutes

David walks the fine line between science and spirituality as he presents the fundamental mysteries of the universe. He tackles the mystery how the universe can create complexity despite the law of thermodynamics. He identifies six thresholds of complexity: The Big Bang happens Stars are born Stars die, creating temperatures hot enough to produce complex chemicals, … Read more