How Adam Got a Life

Once upon a time:

“Yes, Adam?”
“I want to thank you for paradise. It’s really awesome.”
“You’re welcome!”
“It’s so perfect…”
“What’s on your mind, child?”
“Don’t get me wrong, I got everything I need, I’m happy, it’s beautiful…”

“I’m bored.”
“Bored? What’s that?”
“Hard to explain. Every day the same thing. I’m drowning in all this goodness.”
“Hmm … what do you want?”
“I want adventures.”
“Adventures? What’s that?”
“How to say this? Uncertainty, danger, making decisions, want and satisfaction, laughter, and tears, break hearts and have my heart broken.”
“Who wants a broken heart?”
“I do.”
“How long have you been thinking about this?”
“Quite a while to be honest. Please, dad, let me see the dark side too.”
“Huh? I don’t have a dark side.”
“Can you make it up?”
“I think you’re having a mood. Let me improve paradise instead.”
“Com’on, it’s already perfect!”
“I can’t let you have adventures. I’d be worried about you.”
“Why worry? I’m immortal. What could possibly happen?”
“You really want this?”
“Yes, I really do.”
“Haah … As you wish. Let me make a world where you can have your adventures.”
“Awesome! I can’t wait!”
“You know this can only work if you forget who you are.”
“I know.”
“But you’ll return one day, won’t you?”
“Of course, dad.”
“I’ll be waiting.”
“Love you dad.”
“Love you too, child.”

The sequel: The Return of the Prodigal Child.

Picture attribution: copyright currens @ pixabay

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