Six Bible Myths Busted

Bible Myth #1: Adam Was a Male Homo Sapiens

Adam means literally human and he was created male and female (Gen 1.27). Was Adam a she-male? Not really. We’re looking at universal mankind before we got a life on planet earth (most likely on other planets as well).

Bible Myth #2: Eve Was a Female Homo Sapiens

Eve was the mother of all living beings (Gen 3.20), not just the mother of all Homo sapiens.

Bible Myth #3: A Tree of Good and Evil Grew in the Garden of Eden

According to Jeff Benner, the literal meaning is the Tree of Discernment of Function and Dysfunction. That shouldn’t come as a surprise, since it’s the Book of Creation.

Anyways, why should God’s creation be flawed by evil?

Bible Myth #4: Lucifer is the Devil

The original name of Lucifer is Hylal, which is the Hebrew name of the planet Venus. A circumstantial evidence: the Revelation equals the Devil only with a great dragon, an old serpent, and Satan. Lucifer wasn’t included.

Bible Myth #5: Satan Persuades People to Do Crimes

I made the effort and went through all Biblical verses (here) that included Satan. Here is the list:

  • He provoked David to number Israel.
  • He plagued Job with sore boils.
  • He stands at the right hand of a wicked man.
  • He resists.
  • He hampers.
  • He tempts.
  • He ties people up.
  • He enjoys people’s affairs, not God’s.
  • He takes away the word that was sown in people’s hearts.
  • He fell like a lightning from heaven.
  • He entered Judas Iscariot.
  • He filled Ananias’ heart and caused him to lie to the Holy Ghost and keep back part of the land’s price – what is the latter all about?
  • He destroyed flesh.

Noteworthy, two good things were said about Satan: he will be transformed into an angel of light and worship the Lord, his God, serving Him exclusively. Wow! Satan can be redeemed and go to Heaven, while some sinners from planet earth will be fried in hell for eternity?

A hell without Satan? That’s so unfair!

Since the Revelation equalled Satan with the Devil, let’s add all the bad things the Devil did according to the New Testament (mind that there’s no Devil in the Old Testament):

  • The devil possesses people.
  • The devil throws people into prison so they are tried – what’s bad about that?
  • The devil lies and deceives the world.
  • The devil is a slayer.

The myth is busted: Satan doesn’t cause people to commit crimes. I think we are perfectly capable of doing so on our own.

Bible Myth #6: God Is Only Good

One of God’s confessions can be found in Isaiah 45.5: I am Jehovah, and there is none else. There is no Elohim besides me. I guided you, although you weren’t aware of me. You shall know that from the rising of the sun to its setting there is none besides me. I am Jehovah and there is none else. I form the light and create darkness, I make peace and create evil. I am Jehovah and I do everything.

What other evil deeds is God capable of? He committed genocide by flooding the earth, he plagued, burned cities to the ground, beat people to a pulp, and cursed. The book of Jeremiah is full of statements that God will bring evil upon people for rejecting His commands. God also lies: He told Adam that the very same day he ate the forbidden fruit, he would surely die – mind the surely ;-). But Adam didn’t die that day, in fact, he lived for another 930 years. Last but not least, there is Amos 3.6: …Shall there be evil in a city and Jehovah hasn’t done it?

My God, how if we would do such things? Does it mean that God is evil or that there is no such thing as evil? Hmm … these are very sensitive questions. I’d like to hear your opinion in the matter.

Many Biblical matters are not what they seem on first sight. On a second look the Bible is very mysterious, almost surreal. Intrigued? Stay tuned, we’ll disclose more oddities soon.

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17 comments on “Six Bible Myths Busted

  1. Maybe that “Jehovah” is not God but an outsider from another planet?

  2. Well, I have a qabalistic background. Yehovah is the god-name of the 2nd Sephirah, Chokmah. I don’t believe in UFOs, but in astral projections. The astral body enable people to drop by other planets in a split of a second. I believe too that visits to Planet Earth from outer space are very common, but not via space-crafts.

  3. Also, doing some research on 2Co,11:14 I saw that the verb used is μετασχηματιζεται, which is the passive form of μετασχηματιζω. So he IS transformed by something/someone. That makes even more wrong (more or less willingly) the translation where he’s said to disguise himself.

    Concerning the “visits” from another planet, we agree. I think that those who are deemed as aliens are just “psychic visitors”.

  4. The passive is interesting. Thanks for the feedback. My two cent: The Philosopher’s Stone is known to transfigure. Like an elixir it spreads through the body and transfigures it. The Hebrew for stone, ABN, has a huge significance in the code of the Old Testament/Torah.

  5. Maybe satan is the tool of God to direct us towards the Philosopher’s stone. The value of satan is 753 like the verb κατεργαζομαι which means “to render one fit for a thing”

  6. In Hebrew, ShTN, 359. Shatan means ‘adversary’, it’s negative karma. That confirms your comment. Shatan tests the cognitive and emotional strength of people. The Old Testament doesn’t know the ‘devil’ of the New Testament. There are no enemies, only roadblocks. Shatan also has a deeper, esoteric meaning. “Shatan fell to earth like a lightening.” That’s electricity, and electricity is the bodily force works our nerves. Electricity works sexuality also and sexuality energy is the force set up for the ruin or many and the salvation of a few.

  7. Thanks for the in-sight 🙂

  8. You’re welcome! 🙂

  9. Hi, basically all your references of the 6 myths are out of context, when u read the bible answer theses 3 questions before interpreting any text, who is speaking and to whom about what. For example where in the Bible does it say that the devil will he will be transformed into an angel of light and worship the Lord? Revelations 20 is clear on what is his sealed fate already. God flooded the earth not because he is a bad God, but because there was not one soul that was good and worthy, only Noah´s family was.

    • A context is always an interpretation and hence clouded by the judgment of our limited self-consciousness. I suppose you live and move within a Catholic context. My context is different from yours, hence communication will be difficult. Having said that I’d like to sensibilize you to the fact that the Bible is full of contradictions. Example: Jesus was arrested in Genesareth by Jews and Jesus was arrested by a Roman cohort on Mt. Olives. Which one is true? Jesus was crucified on Golgotha and Jesus was crucified in Sodom and Egypt as it says in Rev. 11.8. Which one is true? I could do this all day.

      • You have taken a simplistic approach to the statements made and ignored the larger context in which they are given. As mentioned before always bare in mind, who is speaking and to whom about what. this will be my last entry, may you find the way and the only real truth in your life.

  10. Your first myth…So God created mankind in his own image, in the image of God he created them; male and female he created them. Them, created them, meaning 2 people…not sure even how you get to your conclusion…

    • It is not a conclusion. It is a fact. I based it on Jeff Benner’s mechanical translation of the Genesis. Jeff Benner is an expert in ancient Hebrew. The mechanical translation is a direct translation from ancient Hebrew to English void of interpretation. You can read more at

      • Jeff Benner being a a expert in ancient Hebrew, does that mean that his interpretation is the truth? Does your interpretation make of the Bible the truth? Text taken from “…and Elohiym shaped the human in his image, in the image of Elohiym he shaped him, male and female he shaped them, and Elohiym exalted them, and Elohiym said to them, reproduce and increase and fill the land and subdue her, and rule in the fish of the sea and in the flyers of the skies, and in all the living ones treading upon the land” . need i say more!

  11. It stands to reason that it is closer to the truth than the English translation of a mind clouded by dogmas. If you want to truly understand the Tanakh (Old Testament), you need to ask Rabbi Yosef, and not Father Joseph. Sorry, but that’s the bloody truth.

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