Camel Through the Needle’s Eye

Luke 18.25: For it is easier for a camel to go through a needle’s eye than for a wealthy […] to enter the kingdom of God.

The Qabalistical interpretation:

  • The camel (gimel) is the Uniting Intelligence that links Tiphareth with Kether
  • The needle is the middle pillar of the Tree of Life
  • The needle’s eye is Kether

Try to visualize the High Priestess going through Kether. 😉

πλουσιος , the Greek for wealthy is an adjective that misses its noun. Most common versions of the New Testament add the noun man. But how if wealthy refers to the camel too? In order to pass through the Indivisible (Kether) into a higher universe, we need to off-load our camel (subconsciousness) of all burdens and merchandise. Jesus comment: Only the poor in mind can enter the Kingdom of Heaven.

πλουσιος, the Greek for wealthy, has the value 1,010, as does σιων, the Greek for Sion, the mountain in the wilderness where Moses encountered Eheyeh (Kether’s God name). I conclude that the wilderness is Yetzirah and Sion is Kether of Yetzirah. Up there we can traverse the abyss and reach the Kingdom of God, that is Malkuth of Briah, or the Kingdom of Heaven as Jesus liked to call it.

Last but not least, needle’s eye is one of the meanings of qoph, the letter name of Q assigned to Tarot card 18, the Moon. Usually, qoph is translated back of the head and represents the lower brain that governs the body’s involuntary activities. The back of the head also functions as a filter that prevents any impurities in the blood stream to enter the brain. That relates to gimel as the letter of the High Priestess (Tarot card 2), who is considered a virgin. As such, gimel links – through qoph – the torso with the brain (volition – Kether). This gives rise to the interesting question what happens if the substance represented by Tarot card 2 rises – through the back of the head – into the brain.

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