The History of our World in 18 Minutes

David walks the fine line between science and spirituality as he presents the fundamental mysteries of the universe. He tackles the mystery how the universe can create complexity despite the law of thermodynamics. He identifies six thresholds of complexity: The Big Bang happens Stars are born Stars die, creating temperatures hot enough to produce complex chemicals, … Read more

Your Words May Predict Your Future Mental Health

Though it’s a psychological subject, Mariano Sigman touched on a few interesting spiritual subjects in his TED speech. By analyzing the fossils of human thoughts (in ancient books), he discovered the multi-dimensional Space of Words.  He used the Space of Words methodology to analyse the history of introspection or self-realization. He mentions two peaks, the first around 400 BCE … Read more

The Ether Field

In 1986, the United States Airforce confirmed that an invisible web of energy exists that connects everything (E.W. Silvertooth, “Special Relativity,” Nature, vol. 322). Gregg Braden elaborates what the Ether Field means for our lives. You can watch this also on our YouTube channel Nu Christ, which features handpicked spiritual videos.