Bible Astrology

…The fundamental principles of astrology are explicitly stated in Holy Writ. The astrological point of view is implied in much of the Biblical teaching. Passage after passage of both Testaments is unintelligible unless one uses the key of astrology to unlock their meaning. The 14th verse of the first chapter of Genesis speaks of the … Read more

the high priestess

Camel Through the Needle’s Eye

Luke 18.25: For it is easier for a camel to go through a needle’s eye than for a wealthy […] to enter the kingdom of God. The Qabalistical interpretation: The camel (gimel) is the Uniting Intelligence that links Tiphareth with Kether The needle is the middle pillar of the Tree of Life The needle’s eye … Read more

apple with yin and yang

Beyond Good and Evil

How can there be evil in God’s world?

God is good. God is everything. God does everything. Everything proceeds from him. The inevitable conclusion: evil is an illusion. For God at least.

Jehovah Elohim is a consuming fire. (Deut. 4.24)

Jehovah Elohim is a merciful El. (Deut. 4.31)

Evil is part of our reality because we are caught in the matrix of existence that was established with the law of duality. Birth and death. Love and hate. Pleasure and pain. Success and failure. Good and bab. Without good, there’s no bad and without bad there’s no good. Daily, we are broken on the Catherine wheel of want and fulfillment. How to end the suffering? “Stop desiring,” Buddha said. How? You can become an ascetic. Or a rational-stoic person. Or go beyond good and evil.

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Spiritual Eve

Unlike commonly believed, the woman who was made from Adam‘s rib was Aisha, not Eve. According to the Genesis’ mechanical translation by Jeff Benner, Eve is a title given to Aisha after she was fused with Aish and the two were clothed in a tunic of skin (Gen 3.2).

Who on earth are Aisha and Aish? Read our post The Eden Threesome.

Genesis 3.20: And Adam named Aisha Eve, because she was the mother of all life. 

The second title is inspiring. Eve is the mother of all life, not just Homo sapiens, which must, logically, include plants, animals, and whatever else lives and breathes. How can that be?

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