The Fountain of Youth

Spiritual scriptures – including the Bible – tell of things that happen inside us, not outside. The Kingdom of Heaven is inside and all other spiritual things too. How many religious misunderstandings could this truth put away with if collectively accepted… Tony Wyss-Coray doesn’t surprise when he suggests that the Fountain of Youth is inside, … Read more

Emperor Hierophant Digital

Intuition Goes Beyond Reason But Not Without

In Tarot, the Emperor (reason) comes before the Hierophant (intuition). Intuition goes beyond reasoning, but not without. What does that mean? The thing is the Hierophant doesn’t answer questions the way we do. He answers by giving us the correct principle needed to solve our problem. He conveys the key archetype of our problem.
If you ask the Hierophant, “What’s my problem?” his answer will be as general as your question and hence useless. We have to ask the right question and that’s where the Emperor comes in. We need to reason the right question first.
That kind of reasoning has four stages: First thing, get the big picture. The Emperor is in a good position to get the picture since he sits on a higher plane that allows him to overlook the mind’s stream of thoughts. The Hierophant sits in a confined space, the inner temple.
Second, make order inside the big picture. Measure your knowledge. What is what and what isn’t what it seems to be?
Third, relate your bytes of knowledge to each other and to the big picture/context. That’s understanding and yes, reasoning has a female side. ;-).
Fourth, measure your ignorance. Where are the blank spots in your big picture? After you identified those blank spots, zoom in on one of them and ask the right question. Then, the Hierophant can give you an answer concrete enough to make use of.

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God is the Ultimate Slave

One of the first spiritual truths an aspirant learns is that all the power that ever was or will be is here now. And that the limitless light is at the aspirant’s disposal. He has access to a magical spirit of Biblical powers that can move mountains and eclipse the universe if he so wills. It’s the stuff of which the heavens and earth were made.

That magical power complies to our thoughts and feelings. It does everything we ask it. And we don’t need to learn how to use it. It works automatically, just like our body. The thing is, we don’t always use it for good. Why? Because of our wrong thoughts and negative feelings. The all-power responds to those by creating negative experiences. Hence, dissolution is the secret of the great work, the dissolution of negative mental patterns.

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the director

The Inner Fire and Enlightenment

A post-mortem guest post by Paul Foster Case about the mystery of the inner fire, the source energy of enlightenment. A priceless spiritual gem indeed. 

Kabbalistic interpretation of the letter [Heh, the letter associated with Tarot card 4] emphasizes the outward movement of the personalized consciousness. The Sepher Yetzirah, for example, makes Heh correspond to the sense of sight. This attribution is directly related to the idea that a window affords a means of outlook.

Comparative anatomy has demonstrated that man has the most complex brain-machinery for seeing. In man vision has reached its highest development.

No one will deny that this development has been a dominant influence in human progress. When we call knowledge “enlightenment” we bear witness that we civilize ourselves by seeing. Civilization is the fruit of science, and trained vision leads to scientific discovery. This is just as true of the civilization now being established through the spread of occult science as it is of that which is the product of purely physical investigation. To discover the laws of superphysical planes, one must have eyes to see the facts of those planes; hence one of the principle aims of occult training is to develop a higher faculty of sight, now latent in most people, that enables its possessor to see things invisible to the untrained man.

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