man and boy

The Lost Spiritual Key

Student: “Teacher, if I follow all commandments to the latter, will God love me and give me eternal life?”

Teacher: “God already loves you, don’t worry about that.”

Student: “So, why should I follow the commandments, then?”

Teacher: “To become a better person.”

Student: “Why do I need to become a better person if God loves me already?”

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The Old Man and the Field

Once upon a time a poor peasant was living in the cold North of Germany. The climate was rough and it was hard to make a living. The peasant was humble, worked hard, and loved God and his family with all his heart, but nature left them with too little to live and too much to die.

One day, Meister Eckhart passed by. The peasant greeted him respectfully and asked: “Honorable master, I work so hard, but my struggle never ends. Could you bless my field?” Meister Eckhart blessed the field and was about to move on, when he had an idea:” Why don’t you sing hallelujah while you’re working in your field? If you continuously praise the Lord, he will continuously bless you and your work.”

The peasant was startled. God is only to be praised in the church, not at work. But who am I to question the honorable Eckhart?

And so, he recited ‘hellruleya’ll‘ while he was working in the field. He mumbled it, he sang it, he even shouted it angrily when something went wrong. And although he didn’t get the word right, God smiled upon him. A long summer brought a splendid harvest, allowing the peasant to buy more and better seeds, and the next year the harvest was even more abundant. The peasant and his wife were happy, they could rent a second parcel of land, and send their children to school.

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pen and dagger

The Supreme Wisenheimer

Once upon a time, a wise man called Absolom lived in the Kingdom of Fiath. He was so wise that he was always right. He never erred and the people made him the high priest and supreme judge of Fiath. He was a perfect priest and undeviating judge, but he was also impatient. He never explained his point of view, nor justified his judgments. Whenever someone inquired about a judgment or opinion, he responded: “I don’t have time for this,” and had the inquirer beheaded.
People didn’t like the beheadings, but it was too late, They could not dispose of Absolom because he was the most powerful man in the kingdom. Also, Absolom was always right, his judgments were just, and the kingdom was at peace. Absolom was very old and his days numbered, so people maintained their patience and kept their mouths shut.
One day, a young monk, just shy of seventeen years, failed to understand an instruction. When he asked for clarification, Absolom misunderstood and the poor lad lost his head the very same day.

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The Fisherman and the Wondrous Island

A long, long time ago, a fisherman got caught in a storm. The storm carried his boat away and cast it on the beach of a small, alien island.

The island looked surreal, different from all others the fisherman had seen in his life. It was occupied by strange creatures. Some resembled humans, some reminded him of animals he knew from home, some seemed to be ghosts. He had a hard time figuring whether he was dreaming or the island and its inhabitants were real.

At the center of the island, under a magnificent tree, the fisherman discovered an ancient chest. When he opened it, he found a document with complex drawings. He figured that these were blueprints for a wondrous machine, which, once built and launched, would continuously run on its own. He tried to take the manuscript with him, but every time he took a few steps away from the chest, the scroll dissolved and returned to the chest.

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