Khamael Peaceful Warrior

Khamael – The Patron of the Peaceful Warrior

Geburah is the most dynamic and forceful of all the Sephiroth, but it is also the most highly disciplined. Indeed, the military discipline, presided over by the god of war, is a synonym for the sternest kind of control that can be imposed upon human beings. The discipline of Geburah must exactly equate with its energy; in other words, the brakes of a car must bear a relationship to its horsepower if it is to be safe on the road. It is this tremendous Geburah discipline which is one of the testing points of the Mysteries. We speak of an iron discipline, and iron is the metal of Mars.

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The Light of the Beginning

  The first path is called Mystical Intelligence, Admirable Intelligence, and First Splendor. It is the Supreme Crown. It is the light which imparts understanding of the beginning which is without beginning. No created being can attain to its essence.

God is the Ultimate Slave

One of the first spiritual truths an aspirant learns is that all the power that ever was or will be is here now. And that the limitless light is at the aspirant’s disposal. He has access to a magical spirit of Biblical powers that can move mountains and eclipse the universe if he so wills. It’s the stuff of which the heavens and earth were made.

That magical power complies to our thoughts and feelings. It does everything we ask it. And we don’t need to learn how to use it. It works automatically, just like our body. The thing is, we don’t always use it for good. Why? Because of our wrong thoughts and negative feelings. The all-power responds to those by creating negative experiences. Hence, dissolution is the secret of the great work, the dissolution of negative mental patterns.

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works unfinished

My Works Unfinished

The phrase my works unfinished is a key to the whole philosophy of good and evil running through these meditations. In the thought of the author, we live in a dynamic, growing organism, which we call the universe. The purpose for which that organism has been projected into relative manifestation is not yet fully achieved.

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the high priestess

Camel Through the Needle’s Eye

Luke 18.25: For it is easier for a camel to go through a needle’s eye than for a wealthy […] to enter the kingdom of God. The Qabalistical interpretation: The camel (gimel) is the Uniting Intelligence that links Tiphareth with Kether The needle is the middle pillar of the Tree of Life The needle’s eye … Read more