The Chained Soul

It is easy to grasp the Secret intellectually: the law of attraction sets up experiences according to how we think and feel. If we positivate our thinking and feeling, we invite happiness, health, and wealth into our lives.

Many people who hear or read about the Secret for the first time, can’t help but being enthusiastic about bringing the magic back into their lives. They try it out and usually experience immediate success. But after a while, the magic fades again and life goes back to normal. Why is that?

The reason is that thoughts aren’t powerful enough. They can inspire and give us boosts, but they can’t change habits. What does the great work? We need to destroy negative thoughts and feelings – dissolution is the secret of the great work.

The crux of the matter is subconsciousness. In our subconsciousness, we store all sorts of positive and negative thoughts, feelings, expectations, worries, phobias, etc. Negative subconscious expectations use the law of attraction as much as our positive, conscious thoughts. That’s why New Year resolutions work only for a short time. When our conscious focus moves to other things, our subconscious habits take over again and make sure all goes back to normal.

This is what the picture illustrates. However much the chained soul yearns for enlightenment; however, many books it reads, however often it meditates, however much it desires to reach the light, it gets stuck if it doesn’t dissolve the subconscious chains that bind it to negativity, common sense, and a materialistic inclination.

The chains are made of steel, the metal associated with Mars. Mars stands for a bodily force that energizes sexuality, thoughts, feelings, and actions. The same chains are shown in Tarot card 15, where they moor a man (thought) and a woman (feeling) to a half cube. The half-cube symbolizes a materialistic mindset. It’s incomplete because the spiritual picture is missing. Mind that the chains hang loosely around the neck. We can remove them easily, we just need to become aware of them.

How to throw off subconscious shackles?

  1. Stop adding more chains. You can do that by suggesting to your subconsciousness to stop accepting negative suggestions from your self-consciousness and from other people.
  2. Give your subconsciousness only constructive suggestions by putting a positive spin on every experience.
  3. Remove subconscious chains one by one. This is tedious and takes a lifetime. How? Recapitulation is the secret of the great work. Carlos Castaneda explains this in Magical Passes, page  102: “The recapitulation, according to what don Juan taught his disciples, was a technique discovered by the sorcerers of ancient Mexico, and used by every shaman practitioner from then on, to view and relive all the experiences of their lives, in order to achieve two transcendental goals: one the abstract goal of fulfilling a universal code that demands that awareness must be relinquished at the moment of death; and two, the extremely pragmatic goal of acquiring perceptual fluidity.”
    Psychoanalysis and confessions achieve the same thing. And so does pratikramana, one of the most important Jainistic practices. Pratikramana, introspection, is a method for recapitulating memories and recycling emotional energy trapped in memories.

We are chained souls, because we have a history. Luckily, it’s easy to remove negativity chains once we become aware of them. Well, that’s the difficult part. Usually, we hide our negative personality traits from ourselves and others. They are embarrassing and painful. Karma does it’s best to bring them to our attention, but we tend to brush off bad karma (law of attraction) as bad luck or injustice. We need to listen to karma and friends. Yes, we need friends – good, loving, honest friends. We need recapitulation partners!

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