Circle Chi – a Safe Exercise to Transform the Mars Force

Stand straight but relaxed, knees bent slightly. Hold your hands in front of your belly, a bit to the side as if they were holding a football. Breath slowly and deeply. This is a Chi Gong position, which is healthy for the body and in which one can reach a meditative state.

Make a ball of brilliant, living light appear at the Mars center behind your navel. Don’t focus on the Mars center, just imagine a ball of Chi or Life-power. Don’t even think of transforming the Mars force into Chi, just imagine that ball of living light in the size of a tennis ball.

Press your tongue against your palate.

After a few minutes, when the Chi ball is sufficiently manifested, circle the Chi ball. Slowly move it up your spine until it reaches the center of your head. Move it to the front of the head, then down, through your tongue, to the front of your throat. Carry on until the Chi ball reaches its starting position at the Mars center behind the navel.

This exercise is called circling Chi. It’s safe, healthy, removes sexual pressure, promotes vitality, and produces a fresh mind.

Picture attribution: copyright amaviael / 123RF Stock Photo

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