Dream With God

Once upon a time, a man stumbled upon an inscription in an ancient temple. It read: God Dreams the World.

The inscription intrigued the man, but it also bothered him. He felt belittled to be just a dream character. A part of his mind readily accepted the words, another fought them with tooth and nail. Day in, day out he couldn’t help pondering about the inscription and the conflict inside him grew stronger and stronger. One morning, he woke up desperate. He got up from his bed and prayed, and because he prayed with so much passion, God appeared to him.

“What’s bothering you, child?” God sounded concerned.

“Is it true that you dream the world?” the man asked.

“Yes, that’s true. Why?”

“It drives me mad. I don’t want to be a part of a dream.”

“Why? Isn’t my dream grandiose enough?”

“No, it’s – I want to be real.”

“Don’t worry about that. The world is only unreal for me. For you and all others it’s very real. Bang your head on that wall there and you will see.”

“I know that, but – now I know that the world is a dream, I can’t be happy anymore.”

“Why? The world is still the same.”

“I want to be free, I don’t want to be dreamt! What honor is in that?” The man buries his face in his hands.

“Ahh – that’s the problem. You want to dream with me.”

“What do you mean?” The man looks up, surprised.

“The only way to be free is to dream with me, on the same level so to say.”

“Really? That’s possible?”

“Possible!” God nods invisibly.

“What can I do when I dream with you?”

“Anything, really. You could do grandiose things like creating stars, planets, and even galaxies. You could also do small things, like turning water into wine, healing someone, or raise corpses.”

“Wow. How can I learn to dream with you?”

“Wait, let me teach you-.”

pic: public domain @ pixabay

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