Drug Addiction and Why Spirituality is the Ultimate Cure

This speech is a great reminder that social integration is the key to diminishing crimes and addiction. Mind the choice of words: diminishing, not fighting. A drug addiction is a weakness and it is stupid to fight weaknesses, they need strengthening!
This clue leads deep into the spiritual nature of humans. Separation is the cause of all human issues. We get envious when we feel separated from the things we want. We get jealous when we feel separated from our loved ones. We fight people because we feel that we are separate organisms thrown into a competitive/inimical environment.
What Johann Hari’s speech doesn’t tell you is that we suffer from a horizontal separation as well as from a vertical separation. The vertical separation is that between our ego and our higher self and the Creator. We fear death because we are separated from our immortal soul.
The union with our higher self is the ultimate cure for the sense of separation and all issues that come with it. On the level of our higher self or soul, there is no horizontal separation. On that level, we were, are, and will be united. For spiritually awakened people, the soul is the drug – a drug without collateral damage.
Mind that the vertical separation is an illusion. We are not lost, we just think we are.
That’s why spiritually awakened souls don’t do drugs. Drugs take away clarity of mind and pull the mind down into the subconsciousness. Drugs sever the link to the higher self or soul. And when the trip is over, the sense of separation kicks in stronger than before.
Rarely do drugs allow a glimpse at that which is above. Even Carlos Castaneda emphasized that drugs are only used to induce a first vision of another reality. To give a proof and to establish faith. After that, the teacher takes over, who teaches the techniques that produce spiritual visions.


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