Ehyeh – I Will Be That I Will Be

Ehyeh Asher Ehyeh

In Qabalah, the highest God-name is Ehyeh. It’s the God-name of Kether, the Crown. Usually translated as I Am it indicates that Ehyeh has no attributes – God just is. As a title of Kether, Ehyeh is the Cosmic Self, which is omnipresent: a circle whose center is everywhere and whose circumference is nowhere.

Since the Cosmic Self is everywhere, it must also be at the center of our being. “I am!” is the most powerful statement we can make, since this shifts our self-awareness from our personality to the One Self. In this spirit Jesus proclaimed: “Before Abraham was, I am.”

However, Ehyeh actually means I will be. Why a future tense for a Being that transcends time? Maybe it means that Ehyeh isn’t affected by creation: whatever will happen, Ehyeh will be what He will be.

Jehovah (YHVH), the second highest God-name (of Chockmah), means literally He Exists. Paul Foster Case explained that YHVH can be taken as a formula. In this respect, it represents the four qabalistic worlds and therefore reality. Paul offered the extended meaning of That-Which-Was-Is-And-Will-Be, signifying an eternal, unchanging reality behind forever changing creation.

So what is the difference between Ehyeh and Jehovah? Probably, this distinction can’t be made by mortals, but Qabalah offers a token of consolation in the form of an inspiring, allegorical image: Ehyeh and Jehovah, as a pair, form the Hebrew letter Y (Yod) that has the shape of a flame. On a side note: all Hebrew letters of the Flame Alphabet are said to be a modification of Y (spirit). Now, Ehyeh represents the tip of the flame and Jehovah its body. This flame emerges from the Ain Soph Aur, the Limitless Light and produces the spiritual world – Atziluth. In this respect, the flame’s body is That-Which-Was-And-Is and its tip the I will be.

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