The Esoteric Mars And What It Does

The esoteric Mars force, Inner Fire, or tejas is the cardinal bodily energy or drive. Its symbol is the red triangle and its prime center is behind the navel (the Svadhishthana chakra). The esoteric Mars force is the first manifestation of Kundalini. Kundalini is a whirling, fiery energy stored at the base of the spine (the Muladhara chakra connected to the sacral plexus). Mars is the heat of the fire (Kundalini) that rises in the body and energizes its energy centers. That energy can be dangerous if it gets out of hand. Hence, the Alchemical dictum, ‘Keep your furnace [body] and vessels [chakras] at a moderate heat.’

Let’s have a closer look at six manifestations of the Mars force:

The six expressions of the Mars force

  1. Naturally, the esoteric Mars force expresses as sexuality (Mars rules Scorpio).
  2. Mars regenerates the body. People with an afflicted Mars are prone to illnesses and age early. 
  3. The esoteric Mars force is that mysterious energy with which our mind moves the body’s muscles. Weak muscles? Check your chart for a Mars affliction. 
  4. Mars fuels the ego’s ambitions (Mars rules Aries, the sign governing your individuality). In Alchemy, self-consciousness is called ‘Sulphur’. Self-consciousness is always tinged with ambition. 
  5. A sublimated Mars force, directed upwards, activates the Jupiter center. This is the Manipura chakra right above the Mars center, connected to the solar plexus. A ‘throned’ Jupiter promotes meditation and astral projection. Did you ever have a lucid dream during which you were soaring through the air? That happens when the Mars center overflows and its heat pushes upwards. 
  6. Astrology hints at a secret relationship between Mars and Venus. In the context of spiritual psychology, Venus stands for imagination and creativity. One needs heaps of Mars to make a bit of Venus. Every artist, in particular, writers, testify that creative energy is hard to come by. 

The Esoteric Mars force changes its way of working as we grow up.

Children have heaps of Mars, move and play all day long, sizzle with fantasies, dream lucid. Did you ever notice how the legs and arms of young children twitch when they fall asleep? That’s the Mars force discharging itself.

Puberty turns the esoteric Mars force towards sexuality. Fantasies get less of it, except sexual fantasies ;-). Adolescence is the time children are confronted with more adversity. They are prone to turn realistic and redirect energy away from fantasies and creativity. 

Society does the rest. As adolescents turn into adults, they surrender to social, competitive pressure. By then, they are channeling Mars almost exclusively into sex and ambition. Imagination, dreams, meditation, and health wither.

The Spiritual Use of the Esoteric Mars Force 

Entering a spiritual career reverses the aging process. Spiritual exercises redirect the Mars force towards meditation, OBE, and opening the 3rd Eye. Of course, this requires that the aspirant withdraws the esoteric Mars force from common applications:

  1. The aspirant cultivates a healthy lifestyle. Yoga first, meditation later.
  2. The aspirant learns to sit still.
  3. The aspirant refrains from sex for set periods.
  4. The aspirant practices detachment and abandons ambition. 
  5. The aspirant disengages from creative activities. He practices ‘not-doing’ as Lao-Tse and Castaneda called it. 

When Saturn’s murky sphere [Manipura chakra] is cleared, and Jupiter ascends the throne, a mist of dazzling whiteness rises upwards. This distills upon the earth [body] a pure, sweet, and fragrant dew [the Dew of Heaven or Manna], making it soft in the process. It stirs great winds at its center [Jupiter, see the Wheel of Fortune] that carry our Stone [Kundalini] upwards. Up there [head] it is imbued with heavenly [superconscious] vibes. When it [Kundalini] descends again to its nurse, the earth [body], it takes on a corporeal form, but retains the power of the superiors [the three higher charkas] and inferiors [the four lower chakras]. This living gold [sublimated Kundalini] is ‘that which is, but does not appear until it pleases the Artist to do so. This is the secret of perfection.’

Philaletes, The Three Treatises

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