Eve – The Mother of All Life

The woman Yehovah-Elohim build around Adam‘s rib, was Aisha, not Eve. Adam gave Aisha the title Eve when they left the garden of Eden. Gen 3.20: And Adam named Aisha Eve, because she was the mother of all life. 

Mind that Eve is the mother of all life, all living beings, not just Homo sapiens. Who can be the mother of all living beings? Not a woman-woman. Aisha-Eve is the force or power that enables physical incarnation – life on earth.

Chavvah, the Hebrew of Eve, has the meanings to breathe, to manifestto show forth, to live, to speak, to wind or coil (the winding up of the life-force that is slowly depleted as we grow old), and to encircle, indicating various aspects of the (female) power of incarnation.

Eve belongs to the Gematria of 19, which also includes the following terms:

  • ABVY (craving): the craving to live
  • ATT (to hide, to conceal): our soul or true identity is hidden or concealed in our body and personality.
  • BGDY (garment): our body is our garment – the tunic of skin God fabricated for Adam and Aisha.
  • GVY (nation, people): our body and personality is our nation, a nation that needs to be redeemed.
  • H’GYA (the valley): the valley is a symbol of experience and incarnation.
  • AYVB (hated): This is the Hebrew name of Job, who was steadfast in the face of adversity (karma). When we incarnate we enter the karmic circles.
  • ABVY (sorrow): sorrow is an inevitable part of incarnate life.
  • ChBT (to beat down): another reference to karma.
  • TBCh (to slaughter cattle, to kill, massacre, butcher): a reference to the illusion of separation = from God and other souls – that envelops us when we incarnate.
  • YVB (to flow away, to escape, to deliver, to rescue): when we incarnate we receive the covenant, God’s promise to evolve/redeem us so that one day we can have a sorrow-free life on earth (if we do the work).
  • η γη (Greek, the earth)
  • δει (Greek, must): another reference to karma

On a side note: 19 is also the value of the phrases V’AChD (and one), AHVBH (loved), AChVD (united, the name of a great-grandson of Benjamin), and V’AHBH (and love). These hint at the famous Gematria of 13, in particular, aheba and achad (meaning love and unity) that conceal the secrets of the redemption of human personality. Mind that David (literally The Beloved), was the first to unite Israel’s nation.

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