The Fountain of Youth

Spiritual scriptures – including the Bible – tell of things that happen inside us, not outside. The Kingdom of Heaven is inside and all other spiritual things too. How many religious misunderstandings could this truth put away with if collectively accepted…
Tony Wyss-Coray doesn’t surprise when he suggests that the Fountain of Youth is inside, but he made the thesis presentable at the court of science. How so? The Stanford lab found that ‘young’ blood factors can reverse aging. What are these factors? They don’t know exactly. They found one-hundred hormone-like proteins in the blood and they suspect that some of them keep the body young. Mind that hormones carry information from cell to cell, so cells are simply ‘told’ to stay young.
The reversal of aging is an ancient secret. Whoever knows it, can prolong his life as long as he needs in order to complete the Great Work in one lifetime. This secret has never been published, but there are keys scattered over the scriptures that allows those who are ready to connect the dots. These are the Biblical dots:
A) Mystical rivers like Jordan. They refer to the blood stream. Jordan shares its numerical value (264) with dam car, the blood of the lamb, which is the blood of Christ.
B) Allegories of intoxication and/or wine. These refer to the modification of the blood. The most obvious example is Jesus’ first miracle – transforming water (ordinary blood) into wine (spiritually enhanced blood).
What is needed to produce alcohol? Leaven. Now read Matthew 13.33: “The kingdom of heaven is like yeast that a woman took and mixed into three measures of flour, until all of it was leavened.”
The Hebrew for wine means ‘blood of the grape’.
Now, read Matthew 20.1: “For the kingdom of heaven is like a landowner who went out early in the morning to hire workers for his vineyard. The first thing Noah did after the deluge was getting drunk in his vineyard.
Fermentation is the tenth stage of the Great Work, related to Capricorn and the Renewing Intelligence.
Though the Fountain of Youth can reverse aging and prolong our bodies life, it is not the culmination of the Great Work. That is the spiritual body and though the physical body is its seed, the physical body cannot be evolved to it. Jacob Boehme: “The old Adamical flesh of death cometh not to the heavenly flesh: No, it belongeth to the earth, to death; but the eternal flesh is hidden in the old earthly man, and it is in the old man, as the fire in iron, or as the gold in the dark stone. This is the noble stone, (Lapis Philosophorium), the Philosopher’s Stone, which the Magi find, which tinctureth nature, and generateth a new son in the old. He who findeth that, esteemeth more highly of it than of his outward world…
He who hath it, and knoweth it, if he seeketh, he may find all things whatsoever are in heaven and in earth. It is the Stone which is rejected of the builders, and is the chief corner stone; upon whatsoever it falleth, it grindeth to powder, and kindleth a fire therein. All universities seek it, but find it not by their seeking; sometimes it is found by one that seeketh it rightly. But others (that seek it in self, and for their own gain), despise it and cast it away, and so it remaineth hidden still…
In this Stone there lieth hidden, whatsoever God and the eternity, also heaven, the stars, and elements contain, and are able to do: There never was from eternity anything better or more precious than this, and it is offered by God, and bestowed upon man; every one may have it that doth desire it; it is in a simple form, and hath the power of the whole Deity in it.”


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