God is the Ultimate Slave

One of the first spiritual truths an aspirant learns is that all the power that ever was or will be is here now. And that the limitless light is at the aspirant’s disposal. He has access to a magical spirit of Biblical powers that can move mountains and eclipse the universe if he so wills. It’s the stuff of which the heavens and earth were made.

That magical power complies to our thoughts and feelings. It does everything we ask it. And we don’t need to learn how to use it. It works automatically, just like our body. The thing is, we don’t always use it for good. Why? Because of our wrong thoughts and negative feelings. The all-power responds to those by creating negative experiences. Hence, dissolution is the secret of the great work, the dissolution of negative mental patterns.

Picture this: you are a point of self-awareness in a limitless world. A nano-spec in infinity. Above you stretches the limitless divinity. Below you extends a limitless power substance that creates experiences.

As above so below and as below so above, says the Emerald Tablet. As strange as it sounds, but that magical slave below is the Godness. The Godness above guides and inspires us. The Godness below toils for us. The Godness rules us and we rule the Godness. It’s a vicious or benevolent circle.

That’s why Lord Jesus told his disciples that, in truth, he serves them, not the other way around.

That’s why the High Priestess carries the number two. She relates to the second Sephirah on the Tree of Life, which is Chokmah, wisdom. It’s the Sephirah of Jehovah, the Lord of the Universe.

“Seers who see the Eagle’s emanations often call them commands,” don Juan said. “I wouldn’t mind calling them commands myself if I hadn’t got used to calling them emanations. It was a reaction to my benefactor’s preference; for him they were commands…” – The Fire from Within, page 43

He said over and over again that the manipulation of intent begins with a command given to oneself; the command is then repeated until it becomes the Eagle’s command, and then the assemblage point shifts. Accordingly, the moment warriors reach inner silence…  Knowing about it allowed the old seers to move their assemblage point to inconceivable dreaming positions in the incommensurable unknown; for the new seers it means refusing to be food, it means escaping the Eagle by moving the assemblage points to a particular dreaming position called total freedom. – The Fire from Within, page 298

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  1. It brings such a content and resonating peace even under the most pressurized and stressful conditions, which of course one will be challenged with, and currently on an universal, international level is peaking at the highest condition as we come to the last two months of the chinese ”year of the fire monkey” which ”phosphorus, Luciferian” character at high force two days ago, and when one is conscious enough two understand the passion and sparkling energy rushing through our own energy grid/field it even feels pleasing…. when emotions either disturbances cause inner distress because our own kundalini / aura field isn’t intact it could ”shortcut’ your whole ”system”

    I hope to give a transparent example which will provide you a sense of reality what is and what is rather not admirable 😉

    Much of Love and peace for humanity these holiday seasons, and don’t let it get to you, let it work ”for” you…

    In the end it is not scary and destructive as you might think… it is a life saving grace … but you do have to give your full attention and trust and curiosity .. you are ready for it, I promise!!

    Jorn Jakob Albert Boor

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