The Three Universal Principles And The Golden Ratio

Hermes Trismegistus, the Thrice-Great, owes his name to the perfection of the three principles of awareness or three universal levels of consciousness. What are those? They are the three factors of creation: that which creates, the means of creation, and the created. In Alchemy, they are known as Mercury, Sulphur, and Salt. In Yoga, they are called sattva, rajas, and tamas. Carlos Castaneda labelled them first, second, and third attention.  On the Tree of Life, they are represented by various trinities, the most obvious being Kether, Tiphareth, and Malkuth. The psychological terms are superconsciousness, self-consciousness, and subconsciousness.

The good news is that we don’t need to learn how to function on these levels, we already do so. The bad news is that we still need to learn how to function consciously on all three levels.

How do we do that? By cultivating three attitudes:

  • Unconditional appreciation
  • Unconditional sacrifice 
  • Unconditional Love

Unconditional appreciation? A common mind struggles with adversity (Tarot card 15, the Devil). But adversity is just an illusion. The physical world and nature (creation) are perfect and evil is a chimera (that awkward creature in Tarot card 15). In fact, every experience is “a particular dealing of God with our soul”. The task at hand is seeing evil/adversity as a blessing in disguise. Practice unconditional appreciation!

Unconditional sacrifice? Unconditional sacrifice is deeply entwined with mankind’s role in creation. Cosmic mankind is the means of creation, it’s the interface between the Creator and the created. We are the mediator between that which is above and that which is below. We transform divine desires into personal desires (the red roses above and below the Magician in Tarot card 1). Whatever goes through us, is transformed, or ‘sacrificed’ to use a mystical term. Practice unconditional sacrifice and extend the Light!

Unconditional love? Unconditional love lifts our self-consciousness to divine levels of experience. Only love can resurrect our Higher Self. Jesus Christ, Rumi, every wise man and woman on earth agree. Practice unconditional love!

What has the Golden Ratio to do with this?

As we practice unconditional appreciation, unconditional sacrifice, and unconditional love, we learn how to balance the three levels of consciousness. Equilibrium is the key of the great work. The symbol of this balance is the Golden Proportion. It shows the proper proportion between the Whole, the Greater, and the Lesser. This is the formula: the Greater is to the Lesser as the Whole to the Greater. God creates Mankind and Mankind creates Nature. The path connecting Kether and Tiphareth has the same length as the path connecting Tiphareth and Malkuth.

The Golden Ratio is the beacon of evolution, the re-establishment of the original, cosmic balance between the three principles in us, us who are best described by the term Koyaanisqatsi (life out of balance)Further intricacies are intimated by the Gematria of 358, the number that approximates the Golden Proportion. It’s also the value of the Hebrew terms Messiah, Peace Shall Come, Shekinah, Renewing (intelligence), He Shall Anoint, Filled With The Spirit of Wisdom, and Serpent of Temptation.

Above all, the Golden Proportion is the principle of beauty, which is the literal meaning of Tiphareth. Tiphareth is the Sephiroth of Adam, Christ, and generic humanity. Do you see in all things, great and small, the beauty of divine expression?

Do you want the title Thrice Great too? No problem! Practice unconditional sacrifice, train to love unconditionally, and welcome every experience with unconditional appreciation. It’ll be just a matter of time.

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