What Are Human Souls Really?

I am an immortal spirit, 

a god, if you so will.

unborn, I cannot die

in eons past, I forgot myself

when I set out to drift among planets 

and have adventures on this plane

my amnesia, I accepted

as a necessary evil

to enjoy this world’s splendor

I was a beast

I breathed

I ate

I drank

I mated

I hunted

I was hunted

adversity refined me

my mind grew stronger, more lucid

with each life I claimed

now human


I remember my spirit

I cease to fear evil

as I drift among planets in the shadow

of my body’s death

I cannot be harmed, nor killed

I shall awake to the full

realization of my true self

remember my spirit

seize the glory of glories

fulfill the covenant

the grand promise

and drift among planets

as a living god


Copyright: NejroN : 123RF Stock Photo

pic: (c) NejroN @  123rf.com

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