Interesting Spiritual Blogs and Sites

This is a growing list (in alphabetical order) of interesting spiritual blogs and sites. If you want us to include your blog or site, give us a buzz.

Ancient Hebrew Research: Sister site of Mechanical Translation (see below). It’s a great page where you can learn about ancient Hebrew and the original meaning of Biblical phrases. Our sacred literature does not use obscure language, but describes most things in words clearly indicating their meaning. Therefore it is necessary at all times to delve into the literal meaning of words to achieve complete understanding of what is actually meant.” – Rabbi Samson Raphael Hirsch (1808-1888). That’s where I make my Astrological charts. 

Astroartintuitive: Astrology & Tarot Divination Services. Teri is Astrologer, Artist and Tarot reader in Madison, Wisconsin. The services she offers are geared to offer insight and accurate analysis and to also inspire and empower clients.  Astrology and divination on a mundane, practical basis can provide a glimpse into future trends and energies. On an emotional and psychological level astrology offers insight to a person’s personality, life path and gives clear answers to the many ‘how’s and why’s’ of past and present events. Having clear, empirical insight into the past on an individual level is what lights the way to brighter future. Teri offers natal chart analysis, transit forecasts, relationship compatibility analysis – I also offer tarot readings, planetary talismans and personalized mandalas.

Authentic Happiness: At long last, an initiative to promote Positive Psychology. This is a website of the University of Pennsylvania, developed by the Positive Psychology Center. This comes close to what we call spiritual psychology. Positive Psychology is the scientific study of the strengths and virtues that enable individuals and communities to thrive. This field is founded on the belief that people want to lead meaningful and fulfilling lives, to cultivate what is best within themselves, and to enhance their experiences of work, love and play. Try the questionnaire!

Believe SuspensionWe may differ on many things, but what we respect is free inquiry, openmindedness, and the pursuit of ideas for their own sake.  – Christopher Hitchens

Bible Hub Text Analysis: Useful to check out Bible verses and their original Greek or Hebrew text. I use it as an alternative to the Bible Wheel (see below). 

Bible Wheel: A site dedicated to promote the Bible Wheel – an organization of the Bible into three concentric circles and the numerical correspondence between its parts. The Bible database is priceless: you can search any Bible verse and see its English or Hebrew translation. Every word is linked to Strong’s Concordance and it’s value. I do most of my Gematria research there.

Bill Heidrick: Writings of Bill Heidrick, as well as Alister Crowley, Thelema and some rare texts. I use Bill’s Gematria database as an addition to Bible Wheel, since it contains many Rabbinical words and phrases that can’t be found in the Old Testament/Hebrew Bible.

BOTA: One of the few surviving outer custodians of the Inner School. I owe them all my spiritual wisdom

Clairporium: Clairporium compares itself to a majestic oak tree that grows through their website, Facebook page, Facebook group, and their blog. The purpose of this spiritual tree is to educate about anything from spiritual concepts to psychic development.

Dream Builders Australia: This blog is around for quite a while – eight years to be precise. You can read many spiritual and inspirational post from the author Liara Covert or enjoy a life coaching session with her.

Early Christian Writings: Tons of early Christian texts – great for research.

Esoteric Meanings: Esoteric Meanings is a free resource with information on the teachings of the Spiritual Hierarchy, Lightwave Meditation, Tarot, Religious Scripture and other Esoteric Topics.

Golden Zen: Most lives are spent waiting. Waiting for dreams to manifest, for trouble to end, and for life to be happy. Golden Zen reflects on the brilliance of the NOW and the winks we receive from our Source to remind us that we possess it all.

Institute of Noetic Sciences: Don’t worry, I had to look it up too. Noetic comes from the Greek word nous, which means intuitive mind or inner knowing. This institute conducts, sponsors, and collaborates on leading-edge research into the potentials and powers of consciousness, exploring phenomena that do not necessarily fit conventional scientific models while maintaining a commitment to scientific rigor.

Jewish Encyclopedia: Another great resource to go back to the roots of the Old Testament or Jewish Bible. The Torah was, is, and will be a Jewish scripture, written by Jewish people for Jewish people. If you really want to understand the Old Testament, ask a Rabbi, not a priest. Complementary to this site, check out also the Mechanical Translation of the Torah (below). 

Let’s Live Forever: A blog about various aspects of immortality, including physical immortality. We touched upon physical immortality in our post Did Jesus End Up as a Zombie?

Levity: A site with Alchemical texts.

Margaret BarkerMargaret Barker has developed an approach to Biblical Studies now known as Temple Theology. We believe that the Bible is the most read, but also most misunderstood book on the planet. Every effort to un-earthen the Bible’s true meanings are worth mentioning. 

Matthew Silver: It’s not a spiritual site, but I love this guy. Matthew is a performance artist and clown of a kynic style (not cynic if you know the difference). Do you wonder why I included him? Watch his performances and think of Tarot card 0, The Fool. 

Mechanical Translation of the Torah, The: A new and unique method that offers a literal and faithful word for word translation of the Old Testament/Hebrew Bible. This site is a steady source of inspiration for my writings. My personal favorite: Other Biblical words, which have lost their original agricultural meanings include; תורה (torah), which is usually translated as “law,” but literally means the “journey,” מצוה (mitzvah), usually translated as “command,” but literally means the “directions for the journey,”צדיק (tsadiyq), usually translated “righteous,” but literally means “traveling the path,” and רשע (rasha), usually translated as “wicked,” but literally means “lost from the path.”

Mommy Mystic: Lisa Erickson is a meditation teacher, energy worker, writer, and mom to three. Her primary modality is chakra-based meditation and energy work, although she is also a certified meditation instructor. Her specialty is Women’s Energetics – women’s subtle anatomy, and practices and tools that women can employ to heal, empower, and awaken themselves.

Mystical Christ: The author Michael Maciel writes about himself: My teacher once told me, “If something is spiritually correct, it must also be scientifically correct.” This makes imminent sense to me and has motivated me over the years to find the parallel streams of consciousness in these two approaches to truth. We agree: God goes beyond reason, but not without. Michael was so kind to place a guest post on Eisegesis.

Nag Hammadi Library Codex: Do I really need to explain this?

Nazarene Way: A site dedicated to the esoteric teachings of Jesus and the Nazarene Essenes. Interesting and controversial articles and a lot of Essenes and Gnostic texts can be read for free there. 

Nazarenes of Mt. CarmelThe Nazarenes of Mount Carmel is an esoteric, spiritual order that aspires to be a modern resurrection of the ancient Nazorean Christians. It strives to embrace the deeper levels of the ancient Nazorean Way of Jesus the Christ.  On this site you can find many useful documents and information about Essenes and their relationship to Jesus Christ. We also find it very likely that Jesus Christ was an Essenes. 

Not Strictly Spiritual: A nice (Catholic) spiritual blog about discovering spirituality in the everyday life. This is where spiritual battles are decided: when we manage to extend the Light into our daily grind.

Qabalah Project: The Qabalah Project is a long-term educational project for modern students of the Western Magickal Qabalah. With its roots in ancient Jewish mysticism and its modern manifestation found in the modern Western Magickal Tradition, the Qabalah Project aims to provide a theoretical and practical exploration of the Tree of Life. Red silly string is entirely optional.

Practical Spirituality: Like Not Strictly Spiritual, this blog is also more on the religious side of things, but it wants to get things done, which is most laudable. According to the blog’s About, the author Wes Eades is a pastoral counselor, psychotherapist, marriage counselor, who practices in Waco, Texas, America.

Ram Dass: Since 1968, Ram Dass has pursued a panoramic array of spiritual methods and practices from potent ancient wisdom traditions, including bhakti or devotional Yoga, Buddhist meditation in the Theravadin, Mahayana Tibetan and Zen Buddhist schools, and Sufi and Jewish mystical studies.

Rosicrucian Archive: This site presents the ideals of Rosicrucianism and the contributions of the Rosicrucians to the spiritual evolution of mankind. A lot of books and studies present themselves to the inquiring mind. 

Speaking Tree: Rather a social network than a blog, the Speaking Tree is an Indian spiritual site where you can read posts of various spiritual leaders, gurus, or masters, as well as connect with them and other followers.

Spirit Science And Metaphysics: This is another admirable effort – to marry science and spirituality. We wrote a little post about that here: Religion vs. Science. This blog has many interesting posts about contemporary and pressing subjects, which are easy to read and digest.

Spiritual Awakening: A lot of posts about spiritual awakening (obviously). I like the author’s warfare against the ego. We also agree that the ego is the root of all human issues and, to use an expression of Carlos Castaneda: the nemesis of mankind. This is our take on how to overcome the ego: Our Inner Angels and Demons.

Spiritual Healing Journey: A mix of spiritual posts and poetry. It’s a good match, since poetry is the language of mystics and prophets.

Spiritual Practice: This multi-faith and inter-spiritual website, founded by Frederic and Mary Ann Brussat, is devoted to provide resources for spiritual journeys. The site’s name reflects a basic understanding: spirituality and practice are the two places where all the world’s religions and spiritual paths come together.

Tarot Every Day: Tarot Every Day hosts recorded lectures (audios) on the Tarot and Cabala given by Jason Lotterhand, deceased senior member of B.O.T.A. and author of the book Thursday Night Tarot. Highly recommendable!

Tiny Buddha: Simple wisdom for complex lives. Blogs, quotes, funny stuff, inspirations, and forums – this blog has it all. Tiny Buddha is one of the pioneers in spiritual blogging and you will surely find an inspiration or two on this site.

Unconventional SpiritualityThe author is something between a fundamentalist and an atheist and considers himself a heretic with agnostic tendencies and a seeker of deeper truth. This blog is a journal of his thoughts, questions and revelations. The style of his blog posts is quite similar to those of God Child and we’re happy to know that we’re not alone. Very useful is a list of ancient texts and resources on Christian history. 

Unlimited Choice: Amit Sodha created this blog to write inspiring articles, give guidance how to live consciously, and to challenge conventional thinking. We agree: common sense is a roadblock on the path of enlightenment.

Wake Up World: Their testimony: For years, we watched the power-brokers of global governments tighten regulation  in the name of “freedom”,  tighten the censorship of opinions that contradict their agenda, and feed the public  “news” that seem  invented solely to manipulate, control and instill fear. Finally, like many of you, we felt overwhelmed, angry and in disbelief, and  decided  to stop watching and do something positive in reply. That was the day that Wake Up World was born.

Watkins Magazine: Watkins Mind Body Spirit is a quarterly esoteric magazine published by Watkins Books in London. Like the famous bookshop, the magazine covers a wide range of subjects from contemporary spirituality to self-development and mysticism to Eastern philosophy. Watkins’ Mind Body Spirit dates back to 1893, when John Watkins published his first volume of the Book-Notes, which included book reviews, occult news, and excerpts from recommended books. Check out the list of the 100 most spiritually influential living people.

William Bloom: William Bloom is one of Britain’s leading authors and educators in modern spirituality and a holistic approach to individual and community wellbeing. He is also founder of the Spiritual Companions Trust, an educational charity pioneering a holistic approach to spirituality, integrating with education, healthcare and community development. On this site you can find a blog, books and CDs, videos, writings, and workshops.

World’s Largest Near Death Experiences StudyRecollections in relation to death, so-called out-of-body experiences (OBEs) or near-death experiences (NDEs), are an often spoken aboutphenomenon, whichhave frequently been considered hallucinatory or illusory in nature; however, objective studies on these experiences are limited. In 2008, a large-scale study involving 2060 patients from 15 hospitals in the United Kingdom, United States and Austria was launched. The AWARE (AWAreness during REsuscitation) study, sponsored by the University of Southampton in the UK, examined the broad range of mental experiences in relation to death.

Yang Town: At long last, a spiritual blog for men. Ryan Randolph (that’s his pen name) created this blog to be a resource for men as they face life’s challenges and grow spirituality.

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