The Spiritual Meaning of Israel

According to Paul Foster Case, the spiritual meaning of Israel means He-Who-Shall-Rule-As-God-Rules.

Jacob received the name Israel for wrestling with an angelic man. In a qabalistic context the angelic man was Archangel Michael,  who represents Tiphareth in Briah.

Did you note the promise in the name? It’s a renewal of the covenant. Do the great work and you will rule as God rules, or, in other words, complete the great work and become a Christ.

In the context of spiritual psychology, Israel is the self-awareness of an aspirant that is performing the great work or walking the Path of Heart.

Israel’s nation, on the other hand, symbolizes personality. On the Tree of Life, Netzach, Hod, Yesod, and Malkuth constitute personality. The nation has twelve tribes, because both body and mind are fragmented into the zodiacs

Mind that Jacob played a role in the book of creation; in particular, the creation of personality. Moses’ story, on the other hand, plays in the book of evolution (Exodus). He lead the nation of Israel, his personality, out of a materialistic state of mind (Egypt, Malkuth) up the Tree of Life into the Promised Land (Tiphareth). He freed it from the tyranny of the pharaoh (the ego). Interestingly, Moses did not make it into the Promised Land, but his successor Aaron did, who was renamed into Jehoshuah, Jesus’ original, Hebrew name. 

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