The Karmic Spring

Manipulations create karmic imbalances. It’s like winding up a spring. Karma will try to re-establish balance and undo our advantage. Any effort to maintain our advantage will further wind up the karmic spring. A good example: lies breed lies. Inevitably, the moment comes when we can’t wind up the karmic spring any further. From there on it’s only a matter of time until we fatigue and let go. Then, the karmic spring unwinds all the way and dismantles our advantage until none remains.

Encouraged by a competitive society, we have wound up many karmic springs during our lives, some for decades. When those get loose, they produce spectacular adjustments.
There is a way to live without wound up springs, without manipulation, without taking advantage, without abusing situations. We don’t need to take from others to get what we need. We don’t need to steal happiness. We can create ourselves out of nothing. Follow your heart. Walk your path. Gravitate towards your fulfillment.

Pic attribution: copyright yellowj / 123RF Stock Photo

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