Leviathan – Biblical Kundalini

Leviathan is described as a sea monster or monster in general and became a synonym for the devil in the Dark Ages. As all mystical creatures, it denotes a spiritual force.

As the title suggests, Leviathan is the Biblical word for Kundalini, the serpent-force. Kundalini is the force that coils at the base of our spine and as it rises, through the backbone, activates various mental-energetic centers that allow us to have mystical or even spiritual experiences. Like Kundalini, Leviathan means coiled or twisted. In Isaiah 27.1 it is described as a wriggling serpent that will be killed at the end of time. The end of time is a blind for an eternal state of mind we come to when Kundalini reaches the highest energy center in our body.

A dragon or snake isn’t the only symbol of Leviathan or Kundalini. It appears in Tarot card 8 as a red lion. Winged lions or snakes refer to Kundalini on the rise.

The Wikipedia article on Leviathan lists thirty-four Biblical quotes, mainly from Job 41. This one is particularly interesting: “Can you pull in Leviathan with a fishhook or tie down his tongue with a rope?” The fish-hook is Tzaddi, the letter associated with Tarot card 17, the Star. This Tarot card signifies, among other things, meditation. Meditation is fueled by Kundalini.

In the Hebrew flame alphabet three letters are shaped like snakes:

  1. Teth, Tarot card 8, Strength, tilted the Secret of All Spiritual Activities. Teth has the form of a coiled serpent.
  2. Lamed, Tarot card 11, Justice. Justice is karma and has to do with repercussions resulting from temptations. Kundalini fuels our ambitions and sexuality and gets us into all kinds of possible and impossible situations.
  3. Mem (Tarot card 14, The Hanged Man), where the serpent bites its own tail. That symbol is also known as the Uroboros. Uroboros is a symbol of eternity (see above) and attainment. Mind that the Magician in Tarot card 1 wears a belt formed like an Uroboros.

In a comment of the Midrash1The Midrash is a collection of explanations of the Tanakh we can read that God originally made a male and a female Leviathan. But since they would destroy the world when they multiply, He killed the female and reserved her flesh for the feast of the righteous on the advent of the Messiah. The male and female Leviathan refer to the First Matter, which has two modes: radiant and liquid.

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1. The Midrash is a collection of explanations of the Tanakh

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