The Lost Spiritual Key

Student: “Teacher, if I follow all commandments to the latter, will God love me and give me eternal life?”

Teacher: “God already loves you, don’t worry about that.”

Student: “So, why should I follow the commandments, then?”

Teacher: “To become a better person.”

Student: “Why do I need to become a better person if God loves me already?”

Teacher: “To get a better life.”

Student: “Can’t God just give me a better life? If I pray a lot, I mean?”

Teacher: “No, He can’t do the great work for you. You gotta do it yourself. He’ll help though.”

Student: “What’s the great work?”

Teacher: “Procedures that evolve your mind and body until you become a living god.”

Student: “Wow. Will you teach me those procedures?”

Teacher: “Yes, I will teach you until God will take over and teach you personally.”

Student: “Can we start now?”

Teacher: “No!”

Student: “How come?”

Teacher: “I only teach those with the right attitude.”

Student: “Why?”

Teacher: “I’d waste my time.”

Student: “Hmm … what’s that attitude?”

Teacher: “Stop worrying whether God loves you or not and focus on loving Him with all your heart instead.”

Student: “Why?”

Teacher: “Because the goal is to become a living god. God and gods love, that’s what they do. So that’s what you gotta practice!”

Student: “How about the commandments?”

Teacher: “Don’t bother!”

Student: “Why?”

Teacher: “Because love rules all commandments. If you practice love you practice all others commandments automatically. Get it?”

Student: “Get it. Let’s start.”

Picture attribution: bugphai2 @ www.123rf. com

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