Our Inner Fairy And the Secret of Success

How to harness the magical powers of subconsciousness.

The secret of the magic of success is buried deep in our subconsciousness. Our subconsciousness is exceptionally powerful, but it has a mind on its own. In fact, she’s a lady; so, we need to approach her with proper manners in order to receive the secret of the magic of writing. We could write a book about how to suit her, but we need to keep the post short. Here are three  subconscious magical powers that are most useful for success:

  1. She manages our memories – I know this is trivial, but needs a reminder :-))
  2. She toils for us – cool!
  3. She magically connects us to the world and other people – wow!

It’s vital to have a smooth and fast access to memories. I’m not just talking about experiences, but also thoughts, feelings, ideas, education, etc. Our subconsciousness is an almost unlimited storehouse of working material. Steady access to memories requires a relaxed mind. For that reason, I put away with all things that bother my mindful lady before I start working – however small the issue. I focus on what I want to do, but, at the same time, keep my mind in a receptive state, to allow whatever wants to surface to do so. Sometimes, I sit down at my desk and deliberated ask my inner fairy: “All right, my dear, what do you want me to do today?” It’s amazing what comes out that way – you should try it.

Another key to the magic of success: subconsciousness works through associations. This can help us in two ways: we can rediscover lost memories by approaching them through associations and our subconsciousness can weave beautiful concepts as long as we keep the stream of associations unbroken.

Allow me to change imagery: our subconsciousness can also be compared to a little factory, hosting an army of tiny, invisible workers. In Cologne, Germany, the city I was born, people like to tell the story of the Heinzelmännchen, a mysterious flock of brownies who do people’s housework at night, while they are sound asleep. Here’s a link, in case you’re interested in the story. That’s exactly how subconsciousness works: while we sleep it expands on what we thought and felt during the day and presents us elaborations and inspirations the next day. We wake up and ideas, concepts, sometimes whole stories reveal themselves. I always have pen and paper at hand to write down what my Heinzelmännchen came up with. Sometimes I wake up in the middle of the night, pen something down, and go back to sleep.

On a side note: Heinzelmännchen accomplish their tasks in their own time. Their rhythm varies, but I found that they usually get back to me after three days. For that reason I work on different tasks at the same time, leaving each for three days before I picking them up again. However, I noticed that I can do that only for a couple of weeks, then the Heinzelmännchen get tired of theses. No problem – I turn my attention to a totally different task until my subconsciousness reminds me that it’s time to work on the book again. True, there are deadlines; so, we don’t always have the freedom to work on what we want.  

There’s a danger of messing up with the Heinzelmännchen though and lose the magic. In the tale a woman got so curious to see how they work, that she chased them off for good. Just leave them to it, there’s no need to learn about electricity in order to turn on a stove. Another challenge is that subconsciousness is very amenable to suggestions. Actually, it does exactly what we want it to do. You’re right – this is the Secret! I give you a funny example to illustrate the accuracy of subconscious responses: a woman wished to get married and imagined to have a husband. As a result (already married) husbands of the neighborhood started chasing her ;-).

What does that mean for our career? If we dream of becoming a successful manager, subconsciousness will do exactly that: it will keep our success in the future. Instead, we need to think, feel, and act as if we were already a successful manager here and now. To make this attitude a habit feels kinda awkward at first. Don’t think of it as lying, think of it as a potent self-hypnosis. The other powerful suggestion I’d like to mention is working with love. I always have an eye on my emotions while I’m working. If I catch myself thinking: “Wow, this  could make me famous.” or “I need to criticize this or that colleague.” I stop right then and there and return to love, asking myself: “How would love deal with this?”

Last but by no means least, our inner fairy can magically find needful things, discover useful information, connect us to helpful people, and guide us to inspiring situations. Trust me, there is magic involved here. When we click that link that gives us the information we desperately need, when we connect to a person at a tradeshow who has the right product for us, or when we find a great speech in TED that provides us with a missing insight, it’s our loyal fay guiding us. It’s stress-free! Allow subconsciousness to work her magic for you – the magic of success.

the high priestess

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