A Mechanical Translation of the Book of Genesis

book coverJeff Benner, the author of A Mechanical Translation of the Book of Genesis is an expert in ancient Hebrew. A Mechanical Translation of the Book of Genesis is an eye-opening book. So-called literal translations of the Bible aren’t really literal and much is still lost in translation.

I frequently resort to this book for spiritual research. Reading this book feels like doing literary archeology. I found that there are no terms for God in the Old Testament. God has mystical names, like Powers‘, He-exist, Almighty-Who-Is-Livingness, I-Will-Be-Who-I-Will-Be. Other surprises: Eve wasn’t in the Garden of Eden, Adam means human, not man‘, Adam was both male and female, and Jacob was called’Mother of Israel in one verse.

Here is Jeff’s translation of Genesis 1.1: In the summit Elohyim fattened the sky and the land. Intrigued? You should be. Jeff Benner reveals a mysterious Old Testament that is different from what we are used to know.

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