My Beloved

My Beloved is white and rosy,

The best of ten thousand.

His head of finest gold,

His hair fluffy and raven black.

His eyes those of the doves

Of my waters’ streams,

Bathed in milk and

Cast in perfect proportion.

His cheeks are beds of perfumes

With fragrant flowery scent.

Lips like lilies,

Dripping with sweet-smelling myrrh.

His hands of golden batons,

Set with beryl.

And the belly,

that shines like ivory bright,

Is overlaid with sapphires.

In the manner of marble pillars

His legs are placed on

Sockets of finest gold.

His countenance

Oh, brilliant white,

Excellent like cedar.

So sweet his mouth.

Indeed, he is utterly lovely.

This is my beloved

And my friend,

Oh daughters of the city of peace.

Who wrote this?

Who is described here?

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