Our Inner Angels and Demons

I hate to break it to you, but we’re all suffering from DID, Dissociative Identity Disorder. In layman terms: we have multiple personalities. But don’t panic, it’s natural and something can be done about it – shall be done about it. Also, everybody has DID, without exception, so no need to be embarrassed about it.

What has that to do with angels and demons? We’ll get to that in a minute.

Since our ego is in denial about its DID, let’s try to get him to acknowledge the fact with a funny illustration. I found the below text twenty years ago on a website that doesn’t exist anymore. Luckily I saved it. I didn’t succeed in finding the author. If he’s still out there, let me know so I can attribute it properly.

These wishes can also appear in one and the same person at the same time. While some of them were simmering many years on their stove, an amazing number of pots and pans can wait for their turn on the stove. The consciousness of a normal person whirls around this kitchen like a confused fast-food cook, who stirs this dish, serve that one, throws a pot on the stove only to remove it again a few minutes later and replace it with another one. He manages to throw complete meals into the trash bin just to dump it back into another pot shortly thereafter. The choice which pot lands on the stove, depends largely on mood and coincidence. It may be, that some people plan their lives like a campaign, but many don’t do that. Most people have much more wishes as the day has hours to fulfill them, and those who succeeded in being satisfied one day, managed so rather by accident, than by good planning. Careers are discarded (together with status and security), in a moment of sexual foolishness; the wish to eat battles with the wish to lose weight; a writer moves to the countryside in order to write a great novel, but does anything but write; a manager tries desperately to finish an urgent report, but catches himself dreaming about a car he saw on the parking lot; a student delays an important essay because of an impulse to go out with his friends.

Although one activity is quickly replaced by another, we try to reconcile all our wishes and drives, but unfortunately no regulation exists that those wishes shall be internally consistent or complementary. Like a multi-processor operating system, a single process of energy executes an arbitrary list of needs and wishes, in order to produce the diverse complexity of a normal person. Every wish can be seen as a different condition of consciousness. One day I can eat fast food and really enjoy it and the next day I look into the mirror and swear never to touch a pizza again. It is as if there were two different beings in my body – one that loves pizza and another that wants to be slim. Each one makes its plans independently of the other and only the magical mist of my continuous memory sustains the illusion that I am a single person.

When I look at my wishes and actions passionlessly, I conclude that a host or army is rumbling inside me – a mass of artificial elements, individually animated and equipped with sufficient energy to bring a specific desire to fulfillment. I manage these semi-chaotic results of the mob’s efforts by applying a traditional remedy: public relations. I put together internal press releases (with different rationalizations and justifications), in order to convince myself (and others when necessary), that this chaos was either caused by outer circumstances (I did not have time yesterday evening), the mistake of other people (you made me angry) or that it was inevitable (I had no other choice, there was no alternative). In those cases, in which not even my public relations help, I erect a shrine for the gods of guilt and bring them little sacrifices of sorrow and regret over the years. This is the consciousness of normal people, it is a kind of madness … All wishes compete in a game at which end stands for all a big zero.

The Alpha Ego

“Seers say that there are three types of attention,” don Juan went on. “When they say that, they mean it just for human beings, not for all the sentient beings in existence. But the three are not just types of attention, they are rather three levels of attainment. They are the first, second, and third attention, each of them an independent domain, complete in itself.” He explained that the first attention in man is animal awareness, which has been developed, through the process of experience, into a complex, intricate, and extremely fragile faculty that takes care of the day-to-day world in all its innumerable aspects. In other words, everything that one can think about is part of the first attention. “The first attention is everything we are as average men,” he continued. “By virtue of such an absolute rule over our lives, the first attention is the most valuable asset that the average man has. Perhaps it is even our only asset. – Carlos Castaneda, The Fire from Within, page 64.

At the beginning of this post we mentioned that our ego (self-awareness) has multiple personalities. That turns our ego into a complex and fragile being as Carlos Castaneda pointed out. No wonder that identity crises are one of the most common psychological issues. And losing one’s self-identification can easily cause depression. Let’s try to understand this worrisome matter so we can manage it.

In God Child, I wrote a little dialogue, which elaborates on this subject (the voice is the inner voice, the Hierophant or priest whisperer):

“Hmm … how many are there – little egos, I mean?” I’m getting curious.

“Twelve…,” the voice hesitates and then corrects itself: “Actually, there are thirty-six.”

“Twelve or thirty-six? Why so many?”

“Technically speaking, your mind has twelve sections, which have three sub-sections again – that’s how you get to thirty-six. Each sub-section can express positively or negatively; so, your little ego can assume seventy-two moods or personalities – it’s a little tribe.”

“And that’s why William’s mind was so confused?”

“Fragmented would be a better term. Usually, one of the thirty-six little egos takes over personality as the alpha male and claims the persona’s identity. But, depending on the situation, other little egos can make themselves felt as well; and then, you look at someone and ask: what’s wrong with that guy today?”

“Does that mean … are you saying that people with DID are not really mentally ill?” I ask after I finish my salad.

“You could say that. They just make people’s natural DID more obvious.”

“Hmm … that would mean that the average person’s psychological control is quite illusive,” I conclude.

“Accordingly, people or rather their little alpha males live in permanent fear to be challenged and lose control over the tribe.”

“Hmm … what a worrisome affair!” I make a face.

“On the other hand, it never gets boring. It’s funny actually: a tribe of thirty-six unruly little egos and they never sleep,” the voice grins.

“Funny for you, since you aren’t involved.”

“Learn to smile at the whole affair, otherwise you will have a heart attack. Some of your little egos haven’t had a life yet; so, they are still kinda childish. And when they have their turn, they are likely to get you into embarrassing situations.”

“I guess they need some discipline.”

“Better you treat them like little children – teach them with love and patience.”

“Uhh … I see. I’ll try to keep that in mind. How come that some haven’t had a life yet?” I wonder.

“At the moment of birth your mind received its little ego imprint. Some of your little egos are strong, others weak, and others again … how can I say this? … neutral. That’s how the tribe’s hierarchy is established.”

“Hmm … this sounds kinda awkward. I feel that your’re hiding something from me,” I complain.

“I am indeed,” the voice chuckles.

“What is it?!”

“I’m talking about Astrology.”

You can read the entire chapter here. It also shows how a trauma can knock out the alpha ego and throw personality tribe into a chaos (these are the moments our natural DID becomes obvious).

What has Astrology to do with all of this? Our little ego or self-awareness is fragmented into the zodiac signs. Mind that you’re not just one zodiac as suggested by common Astrology, instead, your personality encompasses all zodiac signs. For example, if your sun sign is Aries, Aries is only emphasized, it’s not that all others zodiacs went missing. Mind that you also have an ascendent sign, a moon sign and signs that may be emphasized by the presence of many planets. While many of your zodiac signs may have sunk into subconsciousness, you have at least three strong signs (sun, moon, ascendent), which are continuously fighting for your mind’s attention and the rulership over your personality tribe – the position of the alpha-ego.

On a side note: the zodiac signs are partly represented by animals (in particularity in Chinese Astrology), a fact that agrees with don Juan, who said that our self-consciousness has grown out of animal awareness(es).

Allow me to introduce you to your little personality tribe. These guys really have distinct personalities on their own, even names. If you want to get to know them, have a look at Tarot, where they are depicted as persons. Here is the list:

  • Aries: Tarot card 4, The Emperor
  • Taurus: Tarot card 5, The Hierophant
  • Gemini: Tarot card 6, The Lovers
  • Cancer: Tarot card 7, The Chariot
  • Leo: Tarot card 8, Strength
  • Virgo: Tarot card 9, the Hermit
  • Libra: Tarot card 11, Justice
  • Scorpio: Tarot card 13, Death
  • Sagittarius: Tarot card 14, Temperance
  • Capricorn: Tarot card 15, The Devil
  • Aquarius: Tarot card 17, The Star
  • Pisces: Tarot card 18, The Moon

Mind that Tarot cards illustrate the spiritual aspects of your little egos. If you are interested in their common appearance read this chapter of God Child.

The Reunion

Our little personalities are the twelve zodiac signs that are imprinted upon our mind at the moment of birth according to the astrological force constellation present at that time.

However, we’re not just a little ego tribe, we also have a higher self. Although naturally our higher self is just a hunch, it’s always in control of our lives. An inspiring analogy is the name Jesus, the Nazarene – Jesus’ name before he became Jesus Christ. Nazareth means ‘Guided-one’ indicating that our higher self always attends to us, despite our ignorance.

Inner Demons and Angels Part 3_2

The natural state of our personality is illustrated in the picture on the left. The alpha male of our ego tribe (usually our sun sign) occupies our self-consciousness – the tip of the iceberg. The remaining eleven sink into oblivion, our subconsciousness, the part of the ice-berg below the surface of conscious awareness. Just once in a while one of the other little ego climbs the tip of the iceberg and challenges the alpha ego. The result: an identity crisis.

Our higher self is represented by the sun. It’s above the clouds and hardly visible (the cloud upon the sanctuary).

This is the starting point of the great work, which aims at reunion. This unification works in two ways: the union or fusion of the ego tribe into a single, great ego and the union of the ego with the higher self. Carlos Castaneda described the unification of the ego tribe in his book The Active Side of Infinity:

“But what’s the death’s hidden option that is picked up only by sorcerers, don Juan?” I asked.

“For a sorcerer, death is a unifying factor. Instead of disintegrating the organism, as it is ordinarily the case, death unifies it.”

“How can death unify anything?” I protested.

“Death for a sorcerer,” he said, “terminates the reign of individual moods in the body. The old sorcerers believed it was the dominion of the different parts of the body that ruled the moods and the actions of the total body; parts that become dysfunctional drag the rest of the body to chaos, such as, for instance, when your self gets sick from eating junk. In that case, the mood of your stomach affects everything else. Death eradicates the dominion of those individual parts. It unifies their awareness into one single unit.”

The union of our personal awareness with our higher self (or divinity – same thing) is the declared goal of Yoga, which means literally to unite, to add, to join, or to attach.

The Tree of Life has a path called the Uniting Intelligence. This path, illustrated by Tarot card 2, the High Priestess, connects Tiphareth (the Sephiroth of self-awareness) with Kether, the Crown, the Indivisible Self. The Book of Formation describes this path: The thirteenth path [Gimel] is called the Uniting Intelligence, or Conductive Intelligence of Unity, because it is the essence of glory and the perfection of the truths of spiritual unities.

Tree of Life With High Priestess

The High Priestess is considered a virgin, which gives a clue about the true meaning of Christ’s virgin birth. In a mysterious way, the uniting intelligence gives birth to the Christ-consciousness – the awareness of our higher self.

The number 13 gives offers great clues about how to achieve the great reunion. For example, Jesus Christ and his apostles were 13 altogether – the higher self (Christ) united with his twelve little egos (apostles).

The thirteenth Tarot card is Death. In Tarot and Qabalah, death is but transformation (death-death is an impossibility). Instead, Tarot card 13 illustrates the secret of immortality – death’s hidden option mentioned by Castaneda.

The Gematria of the number 13 offers a fourth clue: 13 is the value of the two Hebrew words AChD and AHBH, which mean love and unity respectively. Yes, love is the key to immortality. It’s really that simple: love unifies the ego tribe and unites it with the higher self.

The secret of true (unconditional) love is illustrated by Tarot card 6, the Lovers. This Tarot card shows the two-fold reunion: between self-consciousness (the man or alpha ego) and subconsciousness (the woman and the remaining oblivious ego tribe members), as well as the union between personality and the higher self (the angel).

The ultimate symbol of union is the Star of David or Shield of David. Yes, love is a shield and it’s shown in Tarot card 3, The Empress. It’s a brass shield with the form of a heart and a picture of a white dove – a symbol of the Sacred Spirit.

The David Star is constructed from two equilateral triangles forming a hexagram – one triangle points upwards and one downwards. In Alchemy, the triangle pointing upwards represents fire and the one pointing downwards water. Thus, the David Star signifies the union of the below (personality) with the above (higher self). The David Star can be found in Tarot card 6 too: the arms of the angel, man and woman form a hexagram. Mind that the literal meaning of David is ‘The Beloved ‘ and that he was the first who managed to unite Israel’s nation (the personality tribe), although that union turned out to be temporarily.
06 Lovers Card 190 x 299 with hexagram

Israel and the Twelve Tribes

All religious and spiritual traditions have born witness to our natural DID and proposed various techniques how to unite our personality tribe and connect with our higher self (our divinity), allowing it to re-possess our lives.

That’s the very reason why every religion has a redeemer myth. Usually, the redeemer is born from a god (or God’s power) and a virgin into a hostile environment, threatened by some tyrant. The redeemer needs to run and hide and grow up in a remote, safe area until he can return and challenge the tyrant (the alpha ego) – Moses, Christ, Chrishna, Prometheus, Dionysos – you name it.

This is an allegory of our spiritual consciousness that is born through our first spiritual awakening. In Christianity this is called Christ-consciousness. The glimpse of our higher self comes down like a lightning and doesn’t last, but we remember. Our Self-awareness (capital S) starts fragile, like baby, and needs to be nurtured and protected by spiritual exercises (Moses fled into the wilderness and Jesus to Egypt).

This early phase of the great work is usually performed by one of the little egos that isn’t interested in fighting for the position of the alpha male. Always threatened by the alpha ego’s materialistic and selfish inclination, it sets aside time for spiritual study, meditation, and prayer.

The polarization between our materialistic and spiritual career slowly escalates (over a decade or two), until the two finally make a stand that leaves only one of them standing.

The conflict between our materialistic alpha ego and spiritual ego is beautifully illustrated by Jacob’s story. Jacob began as a cunning little ego, who talked his elder brother Esau (the true self) into selling him the birthright of the first born. Jacob usurped personality! After wrestling with an angel (Archangel Michael or Christ) he gained a first vision of his true self  and was renamed to Israel, which means He-who-shall-rule-as-God-rules. The title Israel is God’s promise that we will inevitably complete the great work and become living gods. After having had a vision of the world’s architecture (Jacob’s ladder), Jacob reunited with his true self, Esau. This moment was blessed with tears of joy and Jacob compared Esau’s face with God’s countenance – yes, our true self is divine! A longer version of this analysis can be found in the chapter of God Child, Who Was Jacob Really? which you can read online here.

You can read a Biblical description of our personality tribe here. This post also touches on the mystery of the ten lost tribes of Israel, which has a spiritual as well as a psychological significance. The psychological significance: Judah and Benjamin stand for the sun sign and ascendant, which rule the tip of the personality iceberg, while the other ten tribes are lost to subconsciousness.

They Key of Solomon

Now, how to summon and un-summon our inner angels and demons?

Magic is the manipulation of cosmic and personal forces by mental means. While black magic manipulates forces for selfish ends, white magic aims at establishing an energetic balance between all personal forces (equilibrium is the secret of the great work). Mind that Christ has the title Prince of Peace (peace is the result of balance) and that the literal meaning of Solomon is ‘peace’.

And this brings us to the invocation of our inner angels and demons for the purpose of reuniting the personality tribe and the resurrection of the true self (Christ) inside. Previously, we said that our ego is a tribe of twelve members, but actually the tribe can be further differentiated. Each zodiac sign is divided into three decanates, giving us 36 little egos. Each one can express constructively and destructively and that’s how we get 36 little angels and demons – 72 in total.

These 72 aspects of the One Reality (Jehovah) as well as personality are all over the Bible: the 72 chiefs of the Astrological Quinaries, the mystical 72 members of the body, the 72 languages after Babel’s destruction, the 72 eldest of the Synagogues, the 72 angels of Jacob’s ladder, and Jesus sent 12 disciples first and then 72 (Luke 10:1). But the most interesting account is the story of the 72 demons Solomon engaged in building the Temple not made with hands (the spiritual body).

The names of our 72 inner angels and demons are encoded in Exodus 14:19, 20, and 21 – three verses of 72 letters each. The first and third verses are read from right to left and the second from left to right, producing the 72 three-letter names. As a total, the 72 names form the famous 216-letter name of God (72*3), the Shemhamporash (ShM H’MPRSh).

The Gematria of 216 paints a beautiful picture of this mystery: Geburah (GBVRH), fear (YRAH, mind that fear is attributed to Geburah and it’s said that fear is the beginning of wisdom – Solomon), wrath or seal (RVGZ), ARYhH (lion – that’s the red lion in Tarot card 8), acacia (AQQYH, the wood of the Tree of Life), RAYH (sight – meaning spiritual sight), the Middle Gate (BBA MTzYOA), oracle or adytum (DBYR), the phrase ‘aiding God and nature’ (auxiliante deo et nature), the phrase ‘I make peace and create evil’ (faciens pacem et creans malum, taken from Isaiah 45.7 – symbolizing the two triangles of the David Star), the Philosopher’s Stone (lapis philosophorum), and the Alchemical phrase ‘Mercury from Mercury’ (Mercurio de Mercurio). Last but not least, 216 is 6*6*6 – the famous 666 of the Revelation. Mind that the weight of the gold Solomon received every year was 666 too (Kings 10.14 and 2Chro 9.13).

Here is a literal translation of Exodus 14:19-21: And Elohim’s messenger [angel] walking before the face of Israel’s campsite, journeyed, and he walked behind them, and a pillar of cloud journeyed before their faces, and he stood behind them. And he came between the campsite of Two-Straits [Egypt] and that of Israel [aspirant] and the cloud and darkness existed and he light up the night and this did not come near that all the night. And Mosheh extended his hand upon the sea, and Jehovah made the sea walk by a strong east wind all the night, and he replaced the sea with wasteland and the waters were cleaved.

Don’t worry too much about the meaning of these verses, they aren’t supposed to make much sense, rather designed to fit in the 72 names. However, they contain a few keywords important for our subject at hand: campsite, pillar of cloud, the making of light, and the cleaving of the waters. The campsites are Israel’s (twelve tribes or zodiac signs), which are, interestingly, also referred to as stones or memorial stones, like in Joshua 4.9: He raised up twelve stones. This gives us a clue to what kind of work we shall engage our inner angels and demons. In Hebrew stone (the Philosopher’s Stone, see the 216 Gematria) is spelled ABN and symbolizes the union of God Father (AB) with God Son (BN) of which Jesus Christ spoke so often. This is the two-fold reunion we mentioned in a previous part: the union of the ego with the true self and, subsequently, with God.

The pillar of cloud is the middle pillar of the Tree of Life balancing the right and left pillars (Yachin and Boaz).  The middle pillar or middle gate (see the 216 Gematria) is managed by Tiphareth (the Sephirah of Christ, the Redeemer, Adam, and Archangel Michael), which prevents Israel (our evolving personality) to be re-captured by Egypt, the symbol for material lifestyle and the illusion of being separated from God. The making of light that illuminates the night (ignorance) is an important Alchemical mystery. The cleaving of the waters hints back at Genesis 1.7 – i.e. the establishment of the Middle Pillar of the Tree of Life with Tiphareth at its center.

The names of our inner angels and demons are produced by taking three letters of the verse (one after another) and adding either the suffix ~AL or ~YH. The suffix ~AL is taken from the God-name of Chesed (AL), which is also the common suffix of the names of archangels. Yah (YH) is a short-form of Jehovah, the God-name of Chokmah. Mind that Chesed is a watery Sephirah and, in a way female, while Chokmah is the male prototype, so the 72 powers are either male (~YH) and female (~AL). This also reminds us of the David Star which is made of the fire triangle (pointing upwards) and water triangle (pointing downwards).

Here is a complete list of the 72 names (the correlation with the zodiac signs is to be taken with caution):

# Letter combination Suffix Zodiac
Y 1 V H V Y H Aries
2 Y L Y A L
3 S Y T A L
4 O L M Y H
5 M H Sh Y H
6 L L H A L
7 A K A Y H Leo
8 K H Th A L
9 H Z Y A L
10 A L D Y H
11 L A V Y H
12 H H O Y H
13 Y Z L A L Sagittarius
14 M B H A L
15 H R I A L
16 H Q M Y H
17 L A V Y H
18 K L Y A L
H 19 L V V Y H Cancer
20 P H L Y H
21 N L K A L
22 Y Y Y A L
23 M L H A L
24 Ch H V Y H
25 N Th H Y H Scorpio
26 H A A Y H
27 Y R Th A L
28 Sh A H Y H
29 R Y Y A L
30 A V M A L
31 L K B A L Pisces
32 V Sh R Y H
33 Y Ch V Y H
34 L H Ch Y H
35 K V Q Y H
36 M N D A L
V 37 A N Y A L Libra
38 Ch O M Y H
39 R H O A L
40 Y Y Z A L
41 H H H A L
42 M Y K A L
43 V V L Y H Aquarius
44 Y L H Y H
45 S A L Y H
46 O R Y A L
47 O Sh L Y H
48 M Y H A L
49 V H V A L Gemini
50 D N Y A L
51 H Ch Sh Y H
52 O M M Y H
53 N N A A L
54 N Y Th A L
H 55 M B H Y H Capricorn
56 P V Y A L
57 N M M Y H
58 Y Y L A L
59 H R Ch A L
60 M Tz R A L
61 V M B A L Taurus
62 Y H H A L
63 O N V A L
64 M Ch Y A L
65 D M S Y H
66 M N Q A L
67 A Y O A L Virgo
68 Ch B V Y H
69 R A H A L
70 Y B M Y H
71 H Y Y A L
72 M V M Y H


The number 72 is also connected to Jehovah triangle or Pythagoen Tetractys:

Y – 10

YH – 15

YHV – 21

YHVH – 26

This triangle represents the four worlds Atziluth (Y), Briah (YH), Yetzirah (YHV), and Assiah (YHVH) as well as the 10 Sephiroth of the Tree of Life, since it has ten letters in total.

Y stands for Jehovah or Chokmah (wisdom – Solomon) in the spiritual world (mind that the letter has the form of a flame) and its value (10) signifies the ten Sephiroth in the spiritual world.

YH represents Chokmah or Jehovah in Briah. 15 is the number of the terms Yah (a short form of Jehovah), HVD (Splendor, the 8th Sephirah, the intellectual comprehension of wisdom), and ABYB, the month of the Exodus. It’s also the theosophic extension of 5.

YHV signifies Chokmah or Jehovah in Yetzirah. 21 is the value of AHYH (existence, appearance) and HGYG (imagination). 21 also the theosophic extension of 6 and 21 is the sum of 15 and 6 (YH = Tiphareth, which rules Yetzirah).

YHVH represents God Father in Assiah with its original value of 26, linking it to KBD, which means weight or gravitation – the fundamental force active in the physical universe.

The total value of these four names is 72 (10+15+21+26). Two of such equilateral triangles form the Star of David, which has the numerical value of 144 (2*72) – in the Apocalypse the number of redeemed people (perfected personality).

The David Star is the Ring of Solomon or Seal of Solomon, with which Solomon commanded the 72 demons to build the temple (perfected personality). The David Star exhibits the basic duality of our personality forces: fire and water, male and female, involution and evolution, self-consciousness and subconsciousness. Medieval Arabic writers believed that God’s name was engraved into this signet ring – that’s Jehovah’s triangle above. The ring was made of brass (Venus) and iron (Mars). One story has it that the ring was thrown into the sea where it was swallowed by a fish. This reminds of Jonah (literally dove – also a hint at Venus), who dwelled in a fish’s belly for a three days. The fish is a symbol of the Life-power (the Sacred Spirit), which has the abstract form a Vescica Pisces with the fire triangles attached to it. Mind the phrase in the Emerald Tablet: “…the wind carries it [the First Matter] in its belly.” So, what can control our 72 angels and demons? Love of course. David means ‘The Beloved’ and he was the first to unite the tribes of Israel.

Post Inner Angels and Demons Seal of Solomon

The David Star also symbolizes the seven planetary forces (chakras), which rule the zodiac signs and are exalted in them: Saturn, Mars, Jupiter, the Sun, Venus, the Moon, and Mercury. The Hexagram of the David Star imposed on the Tree of Life encompasses the six Sephiroth of Ruach, the Life-breath: Daath (mystical knowledge, representing Binah, Saturn), Chesed (Jupiter), Geburah (Mars), Tiphareth (the Sun), Netzach (Venus), Hod (Mercury), and Yesod (the Moon). The David Star is also symbolically related to the Menorah – the seven-fold lampstand with one foot or one root (the seven chakras and the Life-power). Last but not least, it’s connected to the Cube of Space with its six directions plus the center that holds them together through gravitation (KBD, see the Gematria of 26 above).

References to our 72 angelic and demonic personality forces can be found in the Lesser Key of Solomon. How can we invoke them in a constructive manner? Simple: through chanting and focusing on positive imagery. Be reminded that Christ, as a redeemer is also called Logos, the Word, i.e. the power of meaningful vibration.

Of course, ceremonial magic has its dangers: if these forces are invoked carelessly (fear is the beginning of wisdom), with a sense of separation (Satan, the Slanderer, meaning one force against another), with a selfish agenda (meaning to boost the alpha ego), or without the required strength and purity of mind and body, they can cause mental and physical unbalances at best and physical and mental damage at worst.

The 72 names of God are names of power – so don’t try them at home. For those who cannot yield the temptation, mind that not their English rendering should be chanted, but rather their original Hebrew letters. We also suggest using Tarot cards instead of talismans for positive visualization. Here is the correspondence table of Hebrew letters and notes borrowed from BOTA (Highlights of Tarot):

Letter A B G D H V Z Ch T Y K
Note E E G# F# C C# D D# E F A#
Letter L M N S O P Tz Q R Sh T
Note F# G# G G# A C A# B D C A

In the New Testament, the magical wand or seal with which these 72 angels and demons are summoned isn’t the David Star, but Jesus’ name. Luk 10.17: And the seventy-two returned again with joy and said: “Lord, even the demons become manageable through your name.” And he told them: “I beheld Satan falling from heaven like a lightning. Listen, I have given you the power to tread on serpents and scorpions, as well as powers to rule enemies, nothing can hurt you. Nevertheless, don’t get euphoric that you can manage spirits, rather be happy about the fact that your names are written in heaven.”

That moment Jesus rejoiced in/blessed by the Sacred Spirit, and said: “Thank you, Father, Lord of the Heaven and Earth, for hiding these things from the wise and smart, but instead revealing them to little children. Father, thus it seemed good in front of your face. Everything of my Father’s was given to me and nobody knows the Son except the Father, and nobody knows the Father, except the Son, the only one who can reveal him.” And he turned him towards his disciples, and said privately: “Blessed are the eyes, which see the things that you see. I tell you: many prophets and kings have desired to see the things that you see, and hear the things you hear, but didn’t neither saw nor heard them.”

And a certain lawyer got up, and tested him by asking: Master, what shall I do to inherit eternal life?”

Jesus replied: “What is written in the law? How do you read it?”

The man answered: You shall love the Lord, your God, with all your heart, all your soul, all your strength, and all your mind. And you shall love your neighbor as yourself.”

 The name in question is Yehoshuah, spelled YHShVH. It is derived by taking the God-name Jehovah, YHVH, and inserting a Sh in the middle. Sh is the fiery of the three Hebrew mother letters and represents Ruach, the Life-power. According to Paul Foster Case, YHVH is a formula that denotes Reality – that which was, is, and will be. It doesn’t only stand for the Creator, but also for the omniverse, since each letter signifies one of the four universes (see Jehovah’s triangle above). YHShVH, on the other hand, means Reality liberates. We are used to see reality, the world (and people), as opponents and antagonists (the sense of fragmentation), but in reality, the omniverse and all things and situations in it collaborate to bring about our perfection and liberation.

Satan falling from Heaven as a lightning is a hint at the nature of the Hidden Light, the World’s Light or Logos, which we need to produce in our body to bring about our reunion. The lightning is actually to be taken quite literally. This phrase is also a clue to the similarities between the Redeemer and Opposer, indicated by the Gematria of 358 and touched upon in our blog Similarities Between Lucifer and Christ Uncovered which you can read here: http://godchild.buzz/godchild/similarities-between-lucifer-and-christ. The serpents and scorpions are Kundalini and our sexuality. Sexuality is linked to the 13th Tarot card which bears the secret of immortality and union, since 13 is the number of achad (union) and aheba (love).

That the secret of the reunion with Christ and God can only be revealed to little children means that our personalities need to regenerate. As reborn, spiritual children we dance in Tarot card 19, the Sun, who bestows its unconditional love upon us.

God’s face is a blind for God’s messengers (angels). This also reminds of the Lesser Countenance, a symbol of Christ, the Redeemer (the microprosopos is shown in the above picture, the reflection of the upper man and triangle). This is one of the reasons why we can realize Jehovah only through Yehoshuah, who is God’s ultimate messenger. On a side note: the God-name of Tiphareth is Jehovah Aloah Va Daath, meaning Jehovah in the sphere of knowledge.

The term lawyer links to Mathew 23.13, where Jesus the lawmakers (Pharisees and like-minded idealists) for hiding the key to the Kingdom of Heaven from people. ‘Lawgivers’ take the scripture literally and excel in sticking to rules. This doesn’t get us into Heaven because that doesn’t kindle our love. Those who are pedantic in observing rules are usually envious of those who break them and envy kills love and compassion. And that’s why these verses continue with the allegory of the compassionated Samaritan, the symbol of a good Christian.

The key to the Kingdom of Heaven is the reunion with Christ and God that results in inner peace. This is summed up in Matthew 16.19: “I tell you that you are Peter, and upon this rock [ABN] I will build my church [Solomon’s Temple], which the gates of Hades can’t overpower [the triangle in the David Star pointing downwards]. I will give you the keys of the kingdom of heaven [Seal of Solomon], and whatever you bind [coagule] on earth shall be bound in heaven, and whatever you loose [solve] on earth shall be loosed in heaven [the two triangles of the David Star].”

A long post, many symbols, mysteries, and obscurities – what now? How can we summon our inner angels and demons in an easy and secure way? Very simple: with love and humor. Take yourself – your little egos – with humor, including all their weaknesses, oddities, and little vices. And then love, love, and love and its just a matter of time until the reunion will occur.

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