The Planetary Boot Camp or The Unknown Conspiracy

Imagine our planet is a boot camp that was installed by aliens. They put up nature and evolved organisms to the level of Homo sapiens. The aliens are long gone, but the boot camp is still up and running. It’s like an abandoned action game. We are born into it, struggle, die, and go again. Again and again.
We don’t know what’s going on. The struggle for survival and success keeps us so busy that we don’t question our planetary reality. Worse, we brainwash each other. We agree to compete, see enemies everywhere, and trust no-one. We tolerate being pulled into conflicts, arguments, fights, and quarrels. At work and at home.

We are common gamers and believe in the reality of the planetary boot camp. And make no mistake, the boot camp includes everyone, even presidents, bosses, and generals. And nobody knows. People react differently though. Most distract themselves with excitement and the chase of status symbols, some drug themselves, some just suck it up, some take it with humor, some attempt to rise the ranks. And then there are those who get depressed, drop out, commit suicide. But even if you drop out or rise to the top – if there’s such a thing – the drill doesn’t stop. We’re all in it and can’t escape the planetary boot camp.

It starts as a hunch. A whisper in your dreams. A flash of incongruity that interrupts your busy schedule. Eventually, you feel the wrong of life, but you can’t wrap your mind around it yet. You pay attention to the hunch, wonder where it comes from. And then an idea emerges: “It’s all just a game.” You discard the thought. “Nonsense! What am I thinking? Life isn’t a game!” But the thought persists. Eventually, you make a sanity check. “Did you ever think that life is just a game?” you ask your friends. Lucky, if they just frown at you or poke their temples. You recoil and decide to discard the thought.

But it’s too late. It’s not just a thought anymore. Now, you can see the fake side of the common way, the it-doesn’t-need-to-be-like-this. What now? You look for who feel like you. And so you gaze into the shadows of people’s talks, hunt for uncommon behavior and gestures, and read between the lines.
Soon enough, you get your confirmation. There are others who agree that life in strife is a stupid game. We were set up. Your cherished dream is confirmed, we can have peace of mind, love one another unconditionally, and have a beautiful and meaningful life. You want a piece of that beautiful action. But how?”

Eventually but inevitably you run into it, the secret moccasin camp within the planetary boot camp. Wise men and women secretly set it up to allow people escape the boot camp. You learn how to be happy, live a beautiful and meaningful life, and love unconditionally. The moccasin camp is holistic and exercises your entire being. You need to reverse your thinking and feeling, and turn your separative mind into a unifying mind. You learn to base your decisions on love. Only one competition remains: that between you and your old self.

In the moccasin camp you’re trained how to play the planetary game on a higher level. Without being sucked into it. Without being deluded by it. Without suffering from it. You raise your gaming to a cosmic level. And you move on.

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