Does the Belief in Reincarnation Make Us Better Persons?

The Sins of the Fathers are Visited Upon Their Children

Once upon a time, we didn’t only create personal karma for ourselves, but we also impacted mankind’s collective karma, e.g. by electing a politician who went to war,

During past lives we didn’t just create personal karma, but we also impacted mankind’s collective karma, for example, by electing a politician who went to war, or by fortifying social injustice, or by promoting a violent ideology.
All that negative, collective karma today are the sins of our forefathers, but we are to be blamed too, since we were our own forefathers. Let’s repeat this: those social injustices you’re complaining about, you may have helped bringing about in a previous incarnation. On the other hand, you may have also fought for progress and social justice that you’re enjoying now. Right, also the good deeds of our foremothers are visited upon us.

The other day something happened during my six-year old son’s Taekwondo training. One of his buddies hurt another child by mistake. Because of that, the coach made everybody do a hundred pushups. My son complained: “Why was I punished? I didn’t do anything wrong!” I responded: “Whatever you do during the Taekwondo training reflects on you as well as on your team. If everybody is punished, you guys will look out for one another!”
Collective karma has a similar purpose.
Selfishness is our personal and mankind’s nemesis. It prevents us from solving social issues, which will turn on us too. A good example is the death penalty. It’s not only a savage custom we inherited from our heathen ancestors, it actually makes matters worse. Nature has put the right principle in place: deterrence seldom causes death, since no animal soul can learn by losing its physical body. “No worries, a dead criminal can’t bother us anymore!” Well, that’s where things go wrong. Souls carry their feelings, thoughts, memories, and psychological issues into their next incarnation. And they carry on where they left off. A criminal put to death was neither healed from his emotional nor his intellectual compulsions. Other people will have to suffer again because we were too lazy to help healing his issues for good.
Of course, our thirst for revenge gets into the way. We need our five minutes in heaven and that’s deeply rooted in our subconsciousness… We have our excuses for acting anti-Christian, don’t we?
This post won’t move gross wits, because most people in charge don’t believe in reincarnation. Pity, because that would level up our solidarity. People would be much more careful if they thought “Damn, I could be a victim in my next life”, or “I won’t have clean water to drink in my next life, because I’m polluting it all now”, or “I’ll have to go to war during my next turn, because I am advertise some superiorism”.
Check it out: religions promoting the idea of reincarnation happen to be the most tolerant and peaceful ones.
We luxuriate in unsocial passions at the expense of our children and our future lives. This planet is a social affair. We are in this together – again and again, so, let’s think thrice.

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