Religion vs Science

I think there is a simple way to resolve the war between faith and knowledge – religion vs science.

In order to do so, let’s have a quick look at the Genesis. Genesis 1 in a nutshell: Elohim separated the heavens and the earth. At that time, earth was liquid and formless. Next, Elohim divided the liquid earth as well and inserted a firmament to maintain this separation. Subsequently, Elohim dried up the water under the firmament to produce dry ground*.

This doesn’t sound like the formation of planet earth at all, does it? How about this interpretation: the dry ground signifies the physical universe, and the heavens, the liquid earth, and the firmament something else: heavenly realms or other universes.

As mysterious as this odd interpretation is, it brings peace: it allows to give religion what is religion’s and science what is science’s – no more religion vs science! Religion or spirituality describes the divine and heavenly realms, which science will never be able, nor desire to understand. Science, on the other hand, is much better equipped to define physical existence and make use of it.

Anyways, what does it matter for religion whether planet earth was formed in six planetary days or a Billion years? It doesn’t change a thing about who and what we are. And it doesn’t change a thing about the creator either.

In this context, fundamentalists and scientists seem to be quarreling over nothing, struggling to compare heavenly apples with earthy bananas – without being aware of it – that’s quite funny actually. 😉

Let’s leave them to it and imagine a context that can embrace faith and knowledge, science and religion: how does the omniverse look like? To me that sounds like a worthy quest. I conclude with Albert Einstein: Science without religion is lame. Religion without science is blind.

*I know, withdrawing water doesn’t sound like a Big Bang, but it doesn’t contradict it either. One needs power for an explosion and what is power but compressed force or matter?

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