The science of Cells that Never Get Old


Thanks to Elizabeth Blackburn who won a Nobel Prize for her pioneering work on telomeres, we know now that aging is caused by a simple cell mechanism, the wearing out of telomeres. Telomores are the non-coding ends of genes that function like shoe-laces, protecting our genes from frazzling. When they become too short, they drop off and send a signal to the cell to commit suicide.

Elizabeth discovered an enzyme that replenishes telomeres and prevents them from wearing out, the telomerase. The thing is that the same enzyme – if we have too much of it – causes cancer. Why? because cancer happens when sick cells (with damaged DNA) don’t commit suicide.

What is the spiritual impact of these new scientific facts? Firstly, it indicates that spiritual rumors of men and women who lived many hundreds of years may be true. Secondly, it supports the rumor that the prolongation of physical life is as easy as flipping a light button if one knows the secret – Paul Foster Case. Thirdly, it proves that health is a balancing act – equilibrium is the secret of the great work. This is the balance between Mercy and Severity. Too much Mercy leads to uncontrolled cell growth, cancer that is, and too much Severity causes the wear and tear of telomeres.

Elizabeth speaks at great length in the second part of her speech how out mind influences telomeres. A healthy mind means healthy telomores and hence, a healthy body. It is now proven that chronic stress has a direct impact on the health of our telomeres, genes, and cells. It is also proven now that meditation prolongs life.

Elizabeth does not answer the question how to use telomerase to prevent aging. The key is dosage. Well, medicine has always been a matter of proper dosage. Any medicine, if taken in excess, turns into poison and vice versa. It stands to reason that a proper dosage of telomerase could be delivered with nanotechnology, which will likely mature in a couple of decades.

That leaves us with the question how long we want to live with ourselves.

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