The Second Coming of Christ

Is the Second Coming of Christ a myth or a misunderstood allegory?

Many people have tried to time the Second Coming of Christ. Some early Christian scholars predicted 500 A.D., and Pope Sylvester foretold 1,000 A.D. – maybe because it’s such a nice, round number. Disappointed by an eventless millennia change, Sylvester adjusted the date to 1,033 A.D. – 1,000 years counting from Jesus’ death – but again nothing happened.

And so the list goes on: Sandro Botticelli was wrong to place it three and a half years after 1500, and so was the Astrologer Johannes Stöffler, who assumed that a planetary alignment in Pisces in 1524 would do the job.

Emanuel Swedenborg, who claimed that he had mystical visions of Christ almost on a daily basis, couldn’t resist either and singled out 1757. Noteworthy, Emanuel postulated that Christ’s Second Coming wouldn’t repeat history, meaning he wouldn’t return as Jesus, but instead clothed in the Holy Spirit.

John Wesley, the founder of the Methodist Church, anticipated 1836, Joseph Smith and the Mormons advocated 1891, the Catholic Apostolic Church picked 1901, Jehovah’s Witnesses 1914, and Rudolf Steiner estimated that it would happen sometime between 1930 and 1939, assuming that Hitler was the Anti-Christ.

However, in his Essay The True Nature of the Second Coming Rudolf argued against another incarnation of Jesus. His reasoning: He came once in a physical body of flesh because human faculties were dependent upon His presence in such a body only at that one point in time. But now, with higher faculties, people will be able to perceive the etheric body of Christ as an even greater reality. Instead, the Second Coming of Christ would take place in the etheric world, or rather people will become aware of Christ’s eternal presence in the astral universe. In Nu Christ’s body of thought, the etheric Christ is the Second Adam. Rudolf Steiner again: This is essential: the faculties by which men will be able, between death and rebirth, to behold the Christ Event, cannot be acquired in that world; they must be acquired on the physical plane and carried from there into the life between death and a new birth. There are faculties which must be acquired on the earth, for we haven’t been placed on the physical plane for nothing.

Kinda disappointing, isn’t it? Since Christ hasn’t returned for such a long time despite great anticipation, there’s either something wrong with him or with the prediction. Is he too busy somewhere else, was it a vain promise, or did it promise something different than wise church men thought?

What other interpretations are possible? Well, Jesus could show up as a different person with a different name. Or he could return in secret, which would kinda defeat the purpose, wouldn’t it? He could also visit each one of us in private.

What do you think?

What Does the Bible Say About the Second Coming?

More than 2,000 years of silence – something doesn’t make sense.

Maybe, before we can understand the Second Coming of Christ, we should have a closer look at his first appearance. Jesus Christ was a complex person: God, a man, and a liberator or spiritual revolutionist.The question is: which one will return – the person, God, the Messiah, or all three? In case you’d like to read more about this, check out our post Who Was Jesus Really?

Let’s have a look at Biblical facts:

Mathew 24.29 to 31: Immediately after the tribulation of those days, the sun shall be darkened and the moon shall cease to glow. The stars shall fall from heaven and heavenly powers shall vibrate strongly. And in Heaven shall appear the sign of the Son of Mankind. All earthy tribes shall moan as they see the Son of Mankind coming with power and great glory, wrapped up in heavenly clouds. And he shall send his angels accompanied by the sounding of loud trumpets, and they shall gather his chosen ones in all four compass directions/four winds – from one end of heaven to the other.

Remark: We changed the title Son of Man to Son of Human, since the common translation Son of Man is misleading. The original Greek term υιος του ανθρωπος, huios tou anthropos, means son of a human, not son of man. The human also got lost in translation in the Genesis, where Adam is wrongly translated as man. Just like anthropos, Adam means human. You can find more details in the post Who Was Jesus Really?

Acts 1.11 is also worth mentioning: ‘The same Jesus, who left you and was taken up into heaven, will return – the same way you have seen him ascend to heaven.’

Although both verses somewhat agree in what will happen, they seem to disagree about how Jesus Christ will return. In Mathews, it’s the Son of Mankind (that’s Christ), but in Acts 1.11, it’s Jesus – a person. Having said that, Acts 1.11 refers to Jesus after the resurrection. At that time, Jesus wasn’t a normal person anymore, since he already had his miracle body, which he could assemble and de-assemble at will.

Having a closer look at Mathew’s verses, it becomes obvious that the Second Coming of Christ can’t be a planetary event. The Second Coming of Christ is supposed to be heralded by a solar and lunar eclipse happening at the same time – that’s impossible. That the stars will collapse on planet earth is also quite unlikely. True, the universe could indeed contract eventually, although it is still debated among scientists whether it will expand forever or return to its source. But planet earth is not where the Big Bang took place; therefore, it’s very unlikely that the universe will implode on our poor little planet. Also, the end of the universe is still googolplexes of years away – kinda late for the Second Coming of Christ.

So, if it’s not a planetary event, what is it then? Maybe the term heaven can give us a clue. Right – what and where is heaven actually? Don’t look up, because the sky can’t be it. If heaven would be above and hell below, what about the people on the other side of the planet? Damn … these Medieval scholastic misconceptions are still haunting our minds!

Where is Heaven?

People failed to find paradise on planet earth; so, maybe it’s on another planet. If that’s true, how can we get there – in a spacecraft? Don’t laugh, this string of thoughts inspired Marshall Applewhite, the founder of the Heaven’s Gate sect. He believed that aliens were planning to recycle Planet Earth in 1997 and reasoned that the only chance of survival was leaving the planet as a ghost in a space ship. In 1997, he and the members of his sect committed mass suicide in order to reach an alien spacecraft that was, supposedly, following the comet Hale-Bopp.

Fun aside! Maybe we don’t need a spaceship. Couldn’t we migrate as souls to another planet’s paradise after we dropped our bodies? But then, what can we do there without bodies? Haunt Planet Paradise as ghosts?

Come on, fun aside! If heaven is for real, it must reside in another dimension or universe. Heaven could be even here and now, just on another vibrational level so to say. Access to Heaven could be close at hand if we only knew how to change our mind’s vibrational rate. Also, when we drop our bodies, our souls could automatically ascend vibrationally to the Heavenly Floor. In this case, the Second Coming of Christ would also be straight forward: he would just need to lower his vibes – that’s where the miracle body comes in.

Let’s have a quick look at Jesus’ ascension: And after he had spoken these words, they beheld how he was elevated. A cloud received him and he was out of sight. As they continued to stare at heaven where Jesus ascended, suddenly two men in white garments appeared. The two addressed them: “You, men of Galilee, why are you standing here, staring at heaven? This same Jesus, who left you and was taken up into heaven, will return – the same way you have seen him ascending to heaven.” (Act 1.9-11)

Maybe the phrase ‘received by a cloud’ implies that Jesus’ body, while ascending, became foggy and immaterial. This process seems to be reversible since we are reminded of Jesus’ claim that he was able to tear down and rebuild the temple within three days. And that wasn’t a temple-temple, but rather his miracle body which he re-animated three days after the crucifixion (Joh 2:19-21 Jesus answered: “Destroy this temple and I will raise it again within three days.” The Jews responded: “This temple has been in the making forty-six years and you want to build it in three days?” But he spoke of the temple of his body.).

Mind that Jesus’ miracle body was physical. Jesus showed his resurrected body to his disciples and ate and drank with it to prove that he wasn’t a ghost. And with this body he roamed the planet for another forty days before he ascended to heaven. In this context, it seems probable that not the crucifixion, but showing off this miracle body started the Christianity frenzy that spread like a bushfire through the Roman Empire.

It seems as if this miracle body may also be in our reach as 1Co 3.16 put it: Don’t you know that you are God’s temple and that God’s Spirit lives inside you? …

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