Similarities between Lucifer and Christ Uncovered

Is Lucifer the Evening Star and Christ the Morning Star?

Lucifer is commonly known as the Devil, but actually, the Bible doesn’t state so anywhere. In fact, his name is only mention once, in Isaiah 14.12: How did you fall from Heaven, Lucifer, Son of the Morning? How were you cut off from the earth, which weakened the nations? Ah yes, he’s Satan who also fell from Heaven you may want to argue, but that’s not a logical conclusion. If both – a police man and a criminal – fell over their shoelaces would that turn them into the same person? Also, please have a closer look at the verse: not his fall, but Lucifer’s separation from earth weakened the nations – that’s us – indicating that he has some kind of beneficent power or force.

Lucifer is an artificial word coined by the author of the Vulgate that was also adopted by the King James Bible. The Vulgate is a Latin version of the Bible that was produced in late thirteen-hundred and became the official catholic Bible some time later. The original name is Hylal, the Hebrew name of the planet Venus, bearing the literal meaning of Morning Star. Noteworthy, Venus has two names: morning star and evening star. That refers to the fact that Venus overtakes our planet every 584 days and, previously visible in the evening, she then appears before sunrise.

So, the correct translation of Isaiah 14.12 should have been something like this: “How did you fall from Heaven, Venus, Son of the Morning? How were you cut off from earth, which weakened the nations?

Now, it’s obvious why the authors of the King James Bible avoided the name Venus. The words Venus and Son of the Morning don’t agree, also Astrology seems to be out of place in the Bible.

The term Lucifer is Latin (lux=light and ferre=bear). The Latin Lucifer carries the additional meanings of “Light-bearer” or “The-Shining-One” – the latter can be found in the New Life Version Bible. On a side note: the Greek Bible (Septuagint) offers the term ἑωσφόρος, heōsphoros, meaning “Bringer-of-Dawn”.

We can only speculate why the Vulgate’s author replaced Venus with Light-bearer. Maybe, he wanted to leave a message, because someone who carries light into the earth doesn’t look like a bad guy, does he? Anyways, here we come up against the first similarity between Lucifer and Christ, who liked to call himself the world’s light.

The original Hylal reveals even more striking similarities, since in Rev 22.16 Christ said about himself: “I’m the root and offspring of David, the Shining One, and the Morning Star.” Coincidence? Unlikely. There are many similarities between Isaiah’s 66th chapter and the Revelation, which is the 66th book of the Bible. Many phrases coined by Isaiah have been copied into the Revelation, like ‘the new heaven and new earth’, ‘heaven will be rolled up like a scroll’, ‘the voice emanating from a temple in Heaven’, and ‘God will wipe all tears from their eyes’.

But there is also substantial evidence: Venus is the goddess of love and unconditional love is Jesus’ outstanding hardcore advice.

What can we take home from this? Lucifer got a bad reputation, because he was compared to Satan, who fell like a lightening from heaven – that’s how it says in Luk 10.18. Agreeable: those similarities are striking, but why was Satan only equalled to a great dragon, that old serpent, and the Devil in Rev. 12.9 and 20.2? Lucifer was excluded from this gloomy club.

Who is Lucifer really? Why did Christ call himself Hylal?

Is Christ the Morning Star and Lucifer the Evening Star – love’s bright side and shadow?

Has this something to do with the strange fact that the Hebrew terms Messiah and Serpent of Temptation share one and the same Gematria?

Many Biblical matters are not what they seem on first sight. On a closer look, the Bible is remarkably mysterious, almost surreal. Intrigued? Stay tuned, we’ll publish more peculiarities soon.

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