The Soul Agenda

The soul agenda isn’t the only agenda we need to consider. In fact, there are three, the soul agenda the ego’s agenda and the universe’s agenda.

The ego’s agenda is obvious. That’s family, career, and fun. Karma rules that agenda. Societies have somewhat soothed the karmic impact on the ego’s activities. That’s what laws, regulations, and institutions are good for. The con: social structures limit freedom of choice and action. People who lack the talent to work with restrictions can have a hard time coping.

The soul has an agenda too. The soul agenda spans many incarnations, but the heart sets its heart on something particular in each life. Something it wants to achieve now so it can take it to the next level hereafter. That’s your heart’s desire. What is a heart’s desire? The one thing you want to be and do in this particular incarnation. That’s The dream you want to live. Mind the soul agenda isn’t a destiny, a goal you work towards, but rather something you want to be or live

Pursuing the heart’s desire produces much less karma. Why? It’s peaceful work. Since it’s about ‘being’, not having, one needs no manipulation nor competition. It’s like following a path that unfolds magically as one walks it. It’s like gravitating towards something. It’s like following a call one hears on the other side of a maze. The con: social structures don’t help you realizing your heart’s desire. Society doesn’t see a social value in soul work and you’re on your own. How shortsighted! No brave men and women who realize their heart’s desire, no great accomplishments! Soul work moves society forward.

Last but not least, there is the universe’s agenda. Or the Creator’s agenda if you so will. The universe (or Planet) produces collective karma that we all share.

While the ego’s agenda produces a private karmic whirlpool, the soul’s and universe’s agenda are aligned. Pursuing the heart’s desire and avoiding to get in the way of the universe is kinda effortless. It’s a burden as light like a feather. But it’s not easy to know the universe’s agenda. That requires cosmic consciousness or nirvana. What can we do in the meantime to prevent the universe from sandwiching us? We can listen to our hearts. We can pursue our heart’s desire and feel the cosmic flow. We can practice gravitating. Next time you face a decision, try to look past the ego’s agenda. Feel your heart and the direction the Planet and the universe is flowing.

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