Spiritual Adam

Gen 1.27 reveals spiritual Adam: So, Elohim created the human in His own image, in Elohim’s image created He him, male and female created He them.

First of all, Adam, Hebrew אדמ, means human, not man as commonly believed and has a neutral gender or, to be precise, embraces both genders (male and female created He him). Beyond doubt, Adam/humanity is divine and godlike. The inevitable conclusion: Adam isn’t the first male Homo sapiens, but rather spiritual mankind. Homo sapiens, on the other hand, is just the body, vehicle, or spacesuit that humans to have adventures on this and other planets in the physical universe.

So, who or what is spiritual Adam exactly?

Adam is both one and many – Elohim created him and them. How can we be one and many at the same time? Think of Adam as a single, grand soul, like a sun, from which all individual souls emanate and extend into physical existence. The technical term for this is monohumanism.

The deeper mysteries of mankind, spiritual and physical, are indicated by the Gematria of Adam, which is 45:

  • AMD: to estimate. To estimate and balance is an exclusive human capability
  • MH: what? This question signifies mankind’s undying curiosity.
  • ZBVL: This is the name of a realm in heaven. In Qabalah it’s related to Tiphareth, the Sephirah of Adam and Christ.
  • Deus: the Latin for God
  • Homo: the Latin for human. God is mankind and mankind is God.

ADM can be extrapolated to AD + DM, meaning mist and blood, indicating the dust from which his form was molded and the life-power (blood) that animated his form. Jesus used the two terms bread and wine (his flesh and blood). This reminds of ABN (Hebrew for

This reminds of ABN (Hebrew for stone), which can also be extrapolated – into AB + BN, meaning father and son. This is a clue to the deeper meaning of the stone rejected by the common builders that will become the cornerstone of the temple not build with hands – an allegory of Jesus Christ’s spiritual achievement.

On a side note: there are three Adams, the First Adam, the Second Adam, and the Ultimate Adam.

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