Eve, the Mother of All Life

The woman Yohovah-Elohim build from Adam‘s rib was Ashah, not Eve. According to the Genesis’ mechanical translation by Jeff Benner, Eve is a title given to Ashah after she was fused with Aish and the two were clothed in a tunic of skin (Gen 3.2).

Genesis 3.20: And Adam named Ashah Eve, because she was the mother of all life.

Who on earth are Ashah and Aish? Read our post The Eden Threesome.

Eve is the mother of all life, not just Homo sapiens, which must, logically, include plants, animals, and whatever else lives and breathes. How can that be? She can’t be a woman-woman.

Ashah-Eve is many things and a great mystery, as a matter of fact.

Strong’s Concordance (H2332): חוה Chavvah {khav-vaw’} causatively from 02331; n pr f AV – Eve 2; 2 Eve = “life” or “living” 1) the first woman, wife of Adam.

Chavvah also means to breathe, to manifestto show forth, to live, to speak, to wind or coil – the winding up of the life-force that is slowly depleted as we grow old. Last but not least it means to encircle, which signifies Ashah-Eve’s female powers that enable incarnation.

But Ashah-Eve is more than that. She is the mind that allows living beings to perceive and act in the outer world. Without her, souls (Adam) cannot function. In a psychological context, Ashah-Eve is subconsciousness (Tarot card 2).

the high priestess

On a side note, Ashah, AShH, counts 306, as does RMVNY, pomegranates. Pomegranates show on the veil behind the High Priestess besides palm leaves, a symbol of the male aspect of the Life-force.

Impregnated with ideas, Eve becomes the womb of experience – the pregnant woman in Tarot card 3:

the empress

The twelve stars above her head identify her with the mysterious, heavenly woman mentioned in the Revelation. Strangely, nobody speaks of her, though she gives birth to Christ or, to be precise, Christ-consciousness.

She manages the mysterious power or force with which our mind moves our body. What is that force? The red lion in Tarot card 8:


Spiritual Eve is also karma, the law of action and response, which keeps the universe and our personality in balance.


Her deeper mysteries can be discovered with the Gematria of 19, to which Eve belongs:

  • ABVY: craving. This is the craving to live and experience
  • ATT: to hide, to conceal. Our soul or true identity is hidden or concealed in our body and personality.
  • BGDY: garment. Our body is our garment – the tunic of skin God fabricated for Adam and Ashah.
  • GVY: nation, people. Our body and personality is our nation. The nation needs to be redeemed.
  • H’GYA: the valley. The valley is a symbol of experience and incarnation.
  • AYVB: hated. This is the Hebrew name of Job, who was steadfast in the face of adversity (karma). When we incarnate we enter the karmic circles.
  • ABVY: sorrow. Sorrow is an inevitable part of incarnate life.
  • ChBT: to beat down. This is another reference to karma.
  • TBCh: to slaughter cattle, to kill, massacre, butcher. This is a reference to the illusion of separation (from God and other souls), that envelops us when we incarnate.
  • YVB: to flow away, to escape, to deliver, to rescue. When we incarnate we receive the covenant: God’s promise to evolve/redeem us so that one day we can have a life on earth without sorrow.
  • ηγη: Greek for earth.
  • δει: Greek for must. This is another reference to karma

On a side note: 19 is also the value of the phrases V’AChD (and one), AHVBH (loved), AChVD (united – that’s the name of a great-grandson of Benjamin), as well as V’AHBH (and love). This links spiritual Eve with the Gematria of 13, in particular, aheba (love) and achad (unity). The primordial Eve is the High Priestess, which has the title Uniting Intelligence and unites Tiphareth (Christ) with Kether. Kether is the highest Sephirah and bears the God-name Eheyeh, the I Am, or rather I Will Be.

The secrets of the unification of personality are woven into David’s story. David, literally The Beloved, was the first to unite Israel’s nation.

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  1. Rachel – Ewe
    So after the first “7 years for Laban” Leah
    He then worked secondly “7 Years for Laban” Rachel

    To enter/merge the kundalini feminine / Masculine principles of the highest authority. .
    #:Jorn Jakob Albert Boor 😉 House of righteousness!

  2. Yep! The same thought occured to me.

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