The Technicalities of the Sacred Spirit

God = Spirit

God is a consuming fire. – Hebrews 12:29

If Spirit is lethal, how could it descend on Jesus as gentle as a dove? Because Jesus received the modified Spirit, the Sacred Spirit that is.

Nobody looks at God and lives. – Exodus 33:20

Who or what turns the lethal Spirit into something sacred and benevolent? The Sanctifying Intelligence does.

The Genesis’ first three verses describe the process:

In the beginnings, Elohim separates the earth from the heavens. Now, earth is still formless and void, and darkness is upon the surfaces of the deep. And Elohim’s Spirit is sizzling over the waters’ surfaces. Elohim has been saying, ”Light – exist!” And since then, Light has been coming into existence.

Sounds a bit scary, doesn’t it? Before the first creative act, the creation of the Light, Yehovah, the lethal Spirit, sizzled above Elohim’s sterile substance.

The first three Sephiroth on the Tree of Life detail the technicalities of the process. Kether is the unity that Elohim separated into the heavens and earth, Chokmah and Binah. Yehovah rules Chokmah (Wisdom), and Elohim rules Binah (Understanding).
Chokma is the Illuminating Intelligence.
Binah is the Sanctifying Intelligence.
The path that connects Chokmah and Binah is the Luminous Intelligence.

The Spirit and waters join to create the Light, meaning the Spirit illuminates Binah’s sterile waters. The result is the Sacred Spirit.

Supernal Triad Tree of Life

A little etymology cements this. Consider Binah’s opposing titles AMA, the dark, sterile mother, and AYMA, the bright, fertile mother. The Yod turns AMA into AYMA. The Hebrew letter Y represents Spirit. AYMA is an etymological representation of the creation of the Light or Sacred Spirit.

On a side note, Yod is the root of all other letters of the flame alphabet.

Yod is a flame. Blow upon it and you form all the other letter of the alphabet. – The Chicken Qabalah

The third Tarot card, the Empress, illustrates the Luminous Intelligence that unites Chokmah and Binah. The Empress is pregnant with the Light and the dove of the Sacred Spirit shows on her shield. The dove associates the Sacred Spirit with love.

the empress

It is safe to say that Binah’s shining waters are the Sacred Spirit. For this reason, Paul Foster Case equaled Neshamah, the Divine Soul of Binah, with the Sacred Spirit of Christianity.
Neshamah, NShMH, counts 395, as do the following words:

  • H’ShMYM, the heavens
  • H’ShMN, the oil
  • ShMNH, eight
  • YShOYH, Isaiah

The word ShMYM, the heavens, paints a similar image as AYMA. Sh is the fiery mother letter (spirit again) and MYM means waters. Sh-MYM = spirit-infused waters. Mind the Y in the middle of MYM, the waters. The difference between Y and Sh is the subject of this blog post: the difference between Spirit and the Sacred Spirit. Sh is the Life-breath that Yehovah-Elohim breathes into Adam’s nose.

H’ShMN, the oil, is a symbol of the enlightenment agent. Christ is the Anointed and anointed means oiled. The Sacred Spirit does not only give life, it also evolves life. Imagine the Sacred Spirit flowing, like an illuminating oil, out of Binah through the paths all the way into Malkuth, your physical body. The Sacred Spirit and Mezla, the Influence of the Tree of Life are one and the same thing.

Don’t you know that your body, which you don’t own, is the temple of the sacred spirit within? – 1 Corinthians 6:19

ShMNH, eight, is a numerical representation of Christ. According to Paul Foster Case, it also represents the Holy Spirit. Sometimes, the Sacred Spirit is described as a feminine potency. For this reason, the eight in Tarot Key 1 and Key 8, above the head of the Magician and woman, are in a horizontal (feminine) position.

YShOYH, Isaiah, is similar to Jesus Hebrew name Yeshuah,YShVO. Both have to do with redemption, enlightenment that is. YShOYH means God has saved. Yeshuah means He is saved – the same thing from opposite perspectives.

Paul Foster Case renders Jesus esoteric name as YHShVH, which is derived by inserting Sh (Sacred Spirit) into YHVH – Yehovah. Now, look at Tarot Key 20, the key associated with Sh. It shows the transfiguration.

John put a description of the Sacred Spirit at the beginning of his gospel:

In the beginning was the Word [Elohim has been saying]. The Word was with God [Elohim]. The Word was God. The same was at the beginning with God. All things were made by it. Without it, nothing was made that was made. In him was life [Sacred Spirit]. The life was the light [consciousness] of men [self-consciousness]. And the light [consciousness] shines in darkness [matter] and the darkness understood [Binah] it not. – John 1.1 – 1.5

Now, we are able to re-engineer the Sacred Spirit. It is:

Sanctified Spirit – Divine Soul – Consciousness – Word – God – One Thing – Life – Influence – Love – Illuminating Substance – Means of enlightenment

On a side note, Ruach, the Hebrew for Sacred Spirit, is female, as is Shekinah, the dwelling of the Sacred Spirit inside our hearts. Our spiritual agency is, was, and will be female. A female agency (Understanding) turned the lethal creative drive into something benevolent and useful.

Picture attribution: Pixabay Creative Commons

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