The Book of Tokens

Book of Tokens

The Book of Tokens is one of the most inspiring spiritual books I have ever read. I would call it the best if there’s such a thing. I frequently quote from it and never get tired leafing through.

The Book of Tokens is a collection of metaphysical meditations on the twenty-two Tarot Trumps. It speaks the language of prophets: mystical, symbolic poetry. It’s crowned with many spiritual gems that sparkle in the light of ageless wisdom.

Here, Tarot is used in the original purpose, the purpose it was invented for, i.e. spiritual enlightenment. You’ll also get a good taste of Gematria, the (true) secret Bible code. Consider buying the color edition, since it displays pictures of the Tarot deck designed by Paul Foster Case.

You can purchase the Book of Tokens from B.O.T.A. as well as Amazon. The B.O.T.A. review: Sometimes called “the Bhagavad Gita of the West,” this beautiful and inspired volume of poetic meditations contains some of the most profound material ever written on the subject of the Tarot and Qabalah. It presents twenty-two meditations on the Ageless Wisdom concealed within the Hebrew letters and the Tarot Keys. This is a book to treasure and to read again and again. This 1989 edition includes color illustrations of the Tarot Keys and Tree of Life. Illustrated. Hardcover, 200 pages.

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