The Fallen Angels

And occultists know that that which is known to them as spiritual power may be employed for evil as well as good ends (in accordance with the principle of polarity), a fact which has been recognized by the majority of religions in their conceptions of Satan, Beelzebub, the Devil, Lucifer, Fallen Angels, etc.

And so the knowledge regarding these Planes has been kept in the Holy of Holies in all esoteric fraternities and occult orders,–in the secret chamber of the Temple. But this may be said here, that those who have attained high spiritual powers and have misused them, have a terrible fate in store for them, and the swing of the pendulum of rhythm will inevitably swing them back to the furthest extreme of material existence, from which point they must retrace their steps spirit-ward, along the weary rounds of the Path, but always with the added torture of having always with them a lingering memory of the heights from which they fell owing to their evil actions.

The legends of the fallen angels have a basis in actual facts, as all advanced occultists know. The striving for selfish power on the spiritual planes inevitably results in the selfish soul losing its spiritual balance and falling back as far as it had previously risen. But to even such a soul, the opportunity of a return is given–and such souls make the return journey, paying the terrible penalty according to the invariable Law.

In conclusion we would again remind you that according to the principle of correspondence, which embodies the truth As Above so Below; as Below, so Above,

– Kybalion

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