The Reluctant Prophet

The story of the reluctant prophet: He liked to nag at God. Aren’t we all prone to that? Anyways, one day God asked him to go to the sin city and warn its people about His imminent wrath. But the reluctant prophet ran in the opposite direction. God gave him a hard time until he agreed to preachify the sin city’s people. They heard the reluctant prophet, worried about bad karma, repented, and fasted. God forgave them and refrained from punishing the sin city as he threatened. Now, savor this: The reluctant prophet got pissed and left sin city. He complained to God, ‘I knew it! Before, I ran, because I worried that you are gracious, merciful, very kind, and slow to anger. Now, there will be no punishment for the sin city’s vices!’” The relutant prophet was so disappointed that he even got suicidal.

Who was this prophet?

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