Twelve Things that Happen Only in Heaven

Have you ever wondered why priests never talk about Heaven? Why all this secrecy about the religious jackpot?

Apparently, what happens in heaven, stays in heaven!?

The word ‘Heaven’ appears 590 times in the Bible, 335 times in the Old and 255 times in the New Testament. I made the effort and browsed all verses that contain the word Heaven. And this is what I found: nothing!

Well not nothing, but it’s kinda disappointing. I picked the twelve most interesting for you. Without further ado:

#12. The House of Heaven

Heaven has windows and doors that can be opened1. Although it seems to be a residence (“My Father’s house has many mansions.”), four winds2 are blowing through the corridors.

#11. The Dreadful Gate

The gate of Heaven is a dreadful place3. Maybe that’s why it’s hard to find.

#10. Heaven is Leaking

All sorts of things can fall down or rain from Heaven: brimstone4, fire5, bread6, dew7, and Satan8.

#9. Stairway to Heaven

It’s possible to climb up a ladder to Heaven – at least when you’re an angel9. It’s not detailed whether Jacob managed to move up that ladder, but at Elijah10 and Jesus Christ went all the way to Heaven and back while still alive.

#8. Don’t Worry When You Get Lost

You can get lost in Heaven, but don’t worry, God will fetch you11.

#7. Who Occupies Heaven?

Not surprisingly, God is in Heaven; in fact, He fills it12, and wow – His voice is broadcasted all over the place13. What else is in Heaven? Angels of course14, altars15, a throne16, treasures17, and mysteries18. Last but not least, names are written in Heaven19, like ‘Jesus was here’.

#6. Heaven Can Be Dangerous

I hate to break it to you, but Heaven is not a safe place. It’s foundations can be shaken up20, earthquakes can occur21, and it can be a place of war22. The worst: Heaven is not permanent and it will pass away23. The good news: Heaven can be renewed24. Scary-funny: Heaven can be rolled up like a scroll25. I don’t want to be around when that happens ;-).

#5. Heaven is Imminent

Heaven is on the horizon26, at least it has been on the way for 2,000 years, since Matthew made this statement.

#4. Showering Swords

Another oddity: swords can be bathed in Heaven27.


#3. The White Horse

Jesus rides on a white horse through Heaven28 – how romantic. If you’re a woman, he may take you one a ride.

#2. A Mysterious Queen and Woman

A queen lives in Heaven and she likes cake29. In Rev. 12.1 another woman is mentioned: a great wonder, clothed with the sun, the moon under her feet, and with a crown of twelve stars. I’ve never heard of her before – who in Heaven is that mysterious woman?

#1. The Urban Bride

At the end of the Revelation, it’s described how the New Jerusalem descends from Heaven prepared like a bride. Who wants to tie the knot?

The New Testament hosts a few strange allegories describing the Kingdom of Heaven. It’s not clear whether Heaven and its kingdom are one and the same thing, but it stands to reason that the latter is at least a part of it. These are the strange things the Kingdom of Heaven is compared to:

  • A man who sowed his field
  • A mustard seed grain
  • Leaven
  • A treasure in a field
  • A merchant seeking godly pearls
  • A fisher net
  • A considerate king
  • A householder who hired laborers for his vineyard
  • A king who prepared his son’s marriage
  • Ten virgins
  • A man who dropped out, gave all his things to his employees and travelled to a distant country.

No wonder, why priests don’t like to talk about Heaven. It’s a confusing affair; in particular, the Kingdom of Heaven. I guess Heaven will remain aloof until more people go there and return to tell us more about it, like Elijah, Jesus, Eben Alexander, and Colton.

Many Biblical matters are not what they seem on first sight. On a closer look, the Bible is remarkably mysterious, almost surreal. Intrigued? Stay tuned, we’ll publish more peculiarities soon.

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Picture attribution: copyright  M J M via photopin cc

P.S.: That’s a stairway to the sky, not to heaven 😉

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