Who Was Jesus Really?

Who was Jesus Christ … in one sentence, anyone? Ups – it’s not that easy to put a tag on Jesus Christ, is it?

On Wikipedia we can read that Jesus is the central figure of Christianity, whom most Christians consider the Son of God. Hmm … that gives us just a faint hunch. Old school elaborates that the Son of God is part of the trinity, which isn’t a satisfying explanation either, since the whole can’t fully explain the part. Others answer the question by narrating Jesus’ life – a rather lengthy answer to a simple question.

My God, who was Jesus Christ? Surprisingly, one of the most profound religious question leaves us startled and void. Let’s try to distill a simple answer or formula from Jesus’ titles. Since he had more than two-hundred of those, we gotta do some cherry picking. We found the following most suitable for the task at hand:

  • The Only Begotten Son
  • Son of God
  • Son of Human (commonly known as Son of Man)
  • Messiah or Savior

We also need to keep in mind that something happened in Jesus’ life that turned him from Jesus, the Nazarene, into Jesus Christ – we’ll get to that later.

The Only Begotten Son

The Only Begotten Son is mentioned once, in John 3.16: For God so loved the world, that He gave His only begotten son. Whosoever believes in Him shall not perish, but instead gain everlasting life.

Unfortunately, this title isn’t explained anywhere. Most people think that it refers to Jesus’ miraculous virgin conception. Hmm … I can’t help but being reminded of those pagan myths in which gods fathered half-gods by impregnating mortal women. It also strikes me that since God is an all-consuming fire it’s kinda unlikely that He could have impregnated Mary without her going up in flames. Not God, but the Sacred Spirit made Mary pregnant, you may object, but according to the Trinitarian dogma, the Sacred Spirit and God are of one and the same substance – i.e. fire.

In order to understand the Only Begotten Son, we need to go back to the roots: Judaism. In Ancient Judaism the Only Begotten Son was Adam Kadmon, the Primordial Man. This myth goes beyond the Bible, since Adam Kadmon is understood to be God’s first thought of Himself, a thought that took place prior to creation. At that point in before-time, God didn’t create anything yet, He was just contemplating about Himself or revealing Himself to Himself. Since there was only God at that time, begetting meant division – God multiplied by dividing Himself.

The Son of God 

The Son of God, on the other hand, is Adam, who was created by Elohim in His image and likeness. Mind that Adam means ‘human’ not ‘man’ as commonly assumed. Accordingly, Adam was both male and female as verse Gen 1:27 puts it. For that reason we drop the term Son of God and replace it by the more neutral term God Child. If you’re interested in knowing more about God Child, read this.

Now, what’s the difference between Adam and Adam Kadmon? It’s the distinction between an abstract idea and a created image, between an artists idea and his vision how to accomplish his idea (but not yet the painting itself). In other words, God Child is half way between the Creator and creation, like a link or mediator.

The Second Adam

The Second Adam is not on the list, but we need him in order to understand the title Son of Man. Some time after Elohim created Adam in His image and likeness on the sixth cosmic day, and after Elohim had ceased creation, Elohim and Jehovah, the Divine Parents, formed the Second Adam from the ground’s dust and animated it with the life-breath.

What’s the difference between the first and second Adam? The second Adam is a step closer to manifestation, a draft or blue print of the painting so to say.  The First Adam is created, he is God-like, and inherited all His Parent’s powers. The Second Adam is formed, mortal, innocent-ignorant, and one more step towards incarnation. He’s mankind’s universal soul that is able to individualize and incarnate.

Son of Human (Commonly Known as ‘Son of Man’)

Son of Man is a misleading translation. In the Old Testament it’s Ben Ha’Adam and in the New Testament it’s υιος του ανθρωπος, huios anthropos. In both cases the exact translation is Son of Human. Son of Human is the title of an individual soul, which can incarnate as a woman or a man. That’s how Jesus got going – as Jesus, the Nazarene.

On a side note: the human soul is called son, because our soul’s self-consciousness has predominately male energies. If you are interested in knowing more about male and female personality forces, please read our blog post the Battle of the Sexes.

On a second side note: this distinction pacifies the war between religion and science. Adam isn’t the first Homo sapiens, but the first human soul from which all other souls of all races (on all planets) originated. He’s the first-born mentioned in the Old Testament (which the pharaoh – a materialistic ego 0r mindset – likes to kill).

Adam and Christ

What has Adam to do with Christ? Christ, or rather the Cosmic Christ is considered to be God Child, the First Adam.

Also, the Bible compared Adam and Christ, like in 1Cor 15.45: “Also this is written: ‘The first human, Adam, became a living soul and the last Adam became a life-giving spirit.”

Here’s the vocabulary:

First Human: First Adam

Living Soul: Second Adam

Last Adam: Jesus Christ (a perfected human or anointed human)

Edgar Cayce, the Sleeping Prophet, put it like this: When did Jesus realize that he was to be the world’s savior? When he fell in Eden.

The Anointed and Anointer

The Word of God became human that you may learn from a human how a human can become a living god. – Clement of Alexandria (words were slightly adapted).

In order to understand the Messiah aspect of Jesus Christ, we need to change context: from creation to evolution. Adam accomplished the creation of mankind, the formation of its universal soul and people’s incarnation. Jesus Christ was concerned with redemption or, to use a neutral term: evolution. The meaning of Christ is Anointed. To be anointed means literally to be oiled. Oil is an ancient symbol of the life-power, the Sacred Spirit, which brought the Second Adam to life. To be oiled means to be imbued with the life-power.

And his brings us to the baptism, the event that turned Jesus, the Nazarene into Jesus Christ. As the Sacred Spirit surrected Adam, the Sacred Spirit redeemed Jesus Christ (creation and evolution is performed with the same power).

Soon after the baptism, the Sacred Spirit led Jesus into the wilderness where he united his personal consciousness with God Child. And that was a spiritual premiere. Before Jesus, prophets ascended to Heaven and returned to their personalities to tell the tale. Jesus, however, put prophecy on a whole new level: he brought Heaven and God Child down to earth. His consciousness fused with that of God Child and that new Christ-Consciousness took over his personality. That’s why he claimed that he’s God Child (Son of God) and that he is before Abraham was.”

After Jesus perfected his awareness of God Child and God, he was able to wield the Sacred Spirit in order to heal the sick, resurrect the dead, and show people the light. In short, he was able to exercise divine powers on planet earth.

Since a human brought mortality, another human brought the resurrection of the mortals. For as in Adam all become mortal, in Christ all shall become  alive. – 1Cor 15.21.

Mind that we replaced the term ‘dead’ with ‘mortal’, since we find this more inspiring. However, the term dead has also an interesting meaning, hinting at the fact that self-consciousness is dead compared to Christ-consciousness.

On a side note: spiritual rumors have it that after Elohim and Jehovah put Adam in a trance to take his rib and make a wife for him, he hasn’t woken up since then. This brings us to the startling concept that a soul dreams its incarnation. The incarnation trance is the death of a dreamer, who resurrects after dropping his physical vehicle. An echo of this reverberates through 1Co 15:51: Behold, I show you a mystery: we shall not [continue to] sleep, but we shall all be changed, in the twinkling of an eye … and the mortal [dead] shall become immortal. This verse is supposed to indicate the Second Coming of Christ.

The Christ Trinity

Ignoring the ineffable Only Begotten Son, we identified the following three major facets of Jesus Christ:

  • God Child
  • The Messiah (the Spirit-bearer)
  • An incarnate person

These three are summed up in the phrase Jesus Christ, God Son, Savior, whereby Jesus Christ doesn’t denote any incarnate person, but rather a perfected one. On a side note, the Greek for Jesus Christ, God Son, Savior is Ιησους Χριστος Θεου Υιος Σωτηρ, whose initials add up to Ιχθυς, Greek for fish.

The Great Example

If Jesus Christ was the Great Example and not the Great Exception, whatever was possible for him is also possible for us. In this case the worst mistake we can make is separating ourselves from Christ or God Child. Mind that we don’t need to attain God Child, we have always been, are, and will be God Child. We only have to remember, or, to be precise, grow our personal consciousness to the point it can embrace our true, cosmic identity.

And the moment we resurrect God Child inside us and we become the Anointed and Anointer. Then, God’s powers can freely work through us as they did through Jesus Christ’s personality. We wish someone is healthy and someone will be healthy. We wish someone revives and he will get up and walk away, just like that.


So, who was Jesus Christ? In five words: he was Jesus Christ, God Son, Savior! Hmm … maybe we can shorten this even more. How about living God as Clement of Alexandria has put it? The term living God embraces God Child (God), incarnation (living) and the Messiah – the fusion of God and living – God Child operating on planet earth.

Jesus Christ was the first living God!

Let’s close this post with Meister Eckhart’s words: What good is it to me if the Son of God was born from Mary 1400 years ago, but isn’t born in my person, my culture, and neither my time? …What good is it to me if I’m a king and don’t know? …Christ means ‘the Anointed’. All of us are anointed. We are all royal persons, creative, godly, divine, beautiful and graceful people. But what good is it to us if we don’t know? We are called, just like the Cosmic Christ, to radiate the divine presence to, with, and from one another. Mankind has the power and responsibility to increase the glory of the divine presence in the universe … and so we are called to birth the Cosmic Christ in ourselves and society. – Matthew Fox, The Coming of the Cosmic Christ, p.137

Picture attribution:  Andrey Kiselev @ 123rf.com

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