Why Saints Are Losers

If you’re serious about your spiritual career, you will, at one point, become a loser.

Don’t worry, nothing wrong with you.

You’re not being punished.

You’re not having a bad karma streak.

You didn’t lose your mojo.

Loss of competitiveness is inevitable. Why? Because spiritual work transforms your vibes from competitive to compassionate. You’re changing from a taker to a giver. Your want to be loved metamorphoses into a profound desire to love unconditionally. The urge to win turns into empathy. Your will to compete converts to the desire to better yourself.

This is a blessing in disguise. And it doesn’t mean that you can’t do business as a saint. It means that you need to do business in a new way. You need to specialize on a business that makes people happy. And no more manipulation. No more win-lose. Good business is win-win, everything else shades into crime.

There’s another reason. Saint’s have to lose their minds. Like Hans in luck. “Only the poor in mind reach Heaven,” said Jesus. “The tonal must be swept clean, like an empty table”, said Don Juan. You need to empty your mind’s grail before it can be filled with the Elixir of Life and sanctified.

But make no mistake, although all saints are losers, not all losers are saints.

To be a loser for many years before seeing the light requires faith. A lot of faith. And faith requires focus, determination, endurance, and the willingness to sacrifice the lesser for the greater. Well, only the truly tough ones can reach the garden.

There’s a glory in being a loser, a spiritual glory. All men and women who pursued enlightenment gave up everything. Channeled all efforts into one purpose. Losing is the secret of the great work.

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