Proverb 8 – Wisdom’s Self-declaration

The spiritual meaning of Proverb 8.

Around a week ago, someone pointed me towards the 8th Saying of Solomon (Proverb 8). This is a beautiful self-declaration of wisdom that brims with Qabalah – I know this is a historical incorrect statement ;-).

This is the text:

Do you hear wisdom1 calling and understanding2 conveying3 her voice4? She5 stands on high6, by the way7, where the paths8 are. She is calling you at the gates’ entrance,9 at the mouth of the city.10

“I call you, souls,11 with the voice of the son of human.12 You – simple in mind, try to understand wisdom. You – fools, understand the heart.13 Listen, because I will speak of excellency and righteousness.14 I will speak truth, since my lips can’t bear the abomination of wickedness. My words are righteous, honest and sane. My words are clear to those who understand and righteous to those who know.15

“Take my instruction instead of silver, take my knowledge instead of gold, for wisdom is more precious than rubies and even the most desirable objects don’t compare.16

“I, wisdom, dwell in subtlety17 and reveal knowledge in wickedness.”

“Fearing Yehovah is the same thing as hating evil.18 I hate pride, arrogance, wicked ways, and a rowdy mouth. Mine is council and sound wisdom.19 I am understanding and I have strength.20 Through me kings reign and princes judge just. By me also, princes, noble people, and the judges of the earth rule. I love those who love me and those who seek me will inevitably find me.

“I bear treasures and honor, yes – perpetual treasures and righteousness. My benefit is greater than fine gold and my reward a better choice than silver.

“I lead the way of righteousness, in the midst of the paths of judgment.21 Those who love me shall inherit my essence22 and shall be filled to the brim with my treasures.

“Jehovah possessed me in the beginning of his way, before his works of old.23 I was set up in eternity, from the beginning, before the earth existed.24 I was brought forth,25 when there were no depths,26 no fountains abounding with water, before the mountains and hills were settled, and before He had made the earth and fields, the peaks, and the world’s dust.27

“I was there when He prepared28 the heavens, set a compass29 upon the face of the deep, when He established the clouds above and when He strengthened the fountains of the deep, when He decreed that the sea’s waters shall not pass his mouth, when He appointed the foundations30 of the earth.

“That time, I was with Him, as if I was brought up with Him. From day to day, I was His delight, eternally rejoicing before Him and in the habitable part of his earth. And I delighted the sons of the human.
Tree of Life

Comments on Proverb 8:

1 Wisdom is Chokmah, the second Sephirah on the Tree of Life, the Illuminating Intelligence.

2 Binah, the third Sephirah on the Tree of Life, the Sanctifying Intelligence.

3 Binah conveying Chokmah has multiple meanings. First, Chokmah creates and illuminates through Binah. This is beautifully illustrated in Genesis 1.2-3: Back then, the waters were still chaotic and void and darkness was upon the surfaces of the deep. And Elohim’s spirit was vibrating passionately over the waters’ surfaces. And Elohim said: ”Light – exist!” and the waters lightened up and light existed. Elohim is the God-name of Binah and Elohim’s spirit is Chokmah in its manifestation as the Spirit or Life-power. The conveying of wisdom is represented by the path that connects Chokmah with Binah, the Luminous Intelligence (Tarot card 3). This is also true for evolution, since it is said that Elohim (Binah) put (conveyed) wisdom into Solomon’s heart.

4 The Hebrew for voice is qol, QVL. In Hebrew mysticism bath qol, BTh QVL, literally daughter of the voice, signifies God’s voice, the small, still, inner voice that speaks to prophets. In Tarot, bath qol is represented by the Hierophant (Tarot card 5), which connects Chokmah with Chesed. The term daughter of the voice gives an interesting clue to the female essence of wisdom that is mentioned in another verse.

5 Grammatically, Chokmah is female. This is not a contradiction to the assignment of Jehovah to Chokmah, since every Sephirah has a male and female side. It acts female (receptive) to the Sephirah above it and male (projective) to the Sephirah below it. According to Paul Foster Case, the female side of wisdom is described in the Song of Solomon 8.8: We have a little sister without breasts. What shall we do for our sister the day when she shall be spoken of? She is the secret, virgin substance of wisdom, shown in Tarot card 2.

6 The height is the Divine Triad of Kether, Chokmah, and Binah, the Godness.

7 In Hebrew, way is derek, DRK, 224. The way of God is creation, while the way of mankind is evolution (religion and spirituality). The way could be understood as the sum of all paths of the Tree of Life (32 in total). Paul mentions the Gematria of 224 in The Magical Language, chapter 18, page 6. He offers the terms Abdiy Tzemakh (my servant, the branch), which is considered a prophecy of the Messiah, as well as in centro solis et lunae (Latin for in the center of the sun and moon), denoting perfected adeptship. He elaborates: The sun is Tiphareth, and when the Ego in Tiphareth is identified as a ray from Kether, the state of consciousness which is ‘in centro solis’ has been reached. It is from this point that one goes on to effect the purification and re-education of the automatic consciousness in Yesod, sphere of the Moon. This achieved, the perfected adept shares all the prerogatives of the truly ‘twice-born’. As the Confessio says, he is then ‘able to expel from the world (the microcosmic consciousness) all those things which darken human knowledge and hinder action’.

224 is also the value of Jericho, giving a clue what was really conquered in the promised land by Moses’ successor Jehoshuah (Jehoshuah is the Hebrew for Jesus).

8 The paths of the Tree of Life constituting the way down and up. Mind that the paths are always called paths of wisdom.

9 The gates are probably a reference at the 50 Gates of Understanding – related to Binah, sometimes also called 50 Gates of Wisdom. They are derived from combining the seven lower Sephiroth from Chesed to Malkuth (creation). Mind that there’s one entrance to all gates.

10 The mouth of the city, usually translated as the entry of the city is peh qereth, PH QRTh. Peh is the name of the Hebrew letter P (Tarot card 16). It’s the instrument or channel of God’s voice. The Gematria of peh is 85, same as milah, the Rabbinical word for circumcision, denoting the sign of the covenant of union and love. Paul elaborates in The Magical Language that for Israel in the flesh there is the circumcision of the flesh and for the spiritual Israel, there is the circumcision of the heart by the control of the emotional nature. This is the true occult meaning of the compasses in Freemasonry (this compass will mentioned in one of the verse).

The value of QRTh is 700, same as nun final, as well as KPRTh (the mercaa seat, the cover of the covenant), PRKTH (the veil covering the Holy of Holies), MSRTh (a bond or yoke – a link to Tarot card 5), MSTHR (the name of a secret place containing a hidden treasure), ShShNYM (lilies, a symbol of knowledge – they appear in Tarot card 1), ShShQ (longing – the longing for wisdom, aspiration), BRQTh (emerald), BN (son, considering the final value of n), and BShTH (man of shame – the man whom David succeeded, a symbol of our illusive, fragmented ego seated in Yesod).

On a side note: the city of cities is Jerusalem, the city of peace – mind that Solomon means peace as well.

What does all this imply? In a nutshell: a shift of our identification from the false ego to the true self, which allows the discovery of the Godness (in the Holy of Holies).

11The Hebrew term for man is AYSh, which needs to be distinguished from Adam, which means human. In Judaic mysticism, AYSh signifies the Yesod ego (our soul) and has the same meaning as the phrase BN AShH, which can be translated as son of a woman or son of fire. The fire signifies our passionate individuality or self-consciousness (Sulphur in Alchemy). It’s again the lower soul in Yesod, the husband of Malkuth.

On a side note: AShH, Aisha was fabricated from Adam’s rib. Eve was a title given to Aisha when she left Eden. Read more here.

12 The son of human is ben adam, BN ADM. Adam means human, and not man as commonly believed and has, accordingly, a neutral gender. We are both the sons of the human (Tiphareth) and individual Yesod-egos, or men and women of shame (see the Gematria of 700 above).

On a side note: don’t take shame in a moral sense. The Hebrew flesh also means parts of shame – that’s our sexuality, the forces that bind us to incarnation.

The phrase I [wisdom] talk to the ego through the true self is a reference to the redeemer. Tiphareth is a channel for Chokmah, wisdom, and that’s why Tiphareth’s God-name is Jehovah Aloa Va Daath, meaning Jehovah in the sphere of knowledge or knowable wisdom. In mystical Judaism, Jehovah is understood to be ineffable and no image shall be made of him. Because of this, they replace Jehovah with Adonai when they read the Hebrew Bible aloud.

13 This reminds of Jesus’ saying: Only the simple in mind can reach the kingdom of heaven. Simple of mind means to be wise and free of maliciousness (the abuse of wisdom). This is a beautiful parallel: simplicity and wisdom on one side and foolishness and heart/love on the other, mirroring the pair Chokmah and Binah in an inspiring way. Be reminded again that Elohim put wisdom into Solomon’s heart. The heart, LB, 32, is part of a huge Gematria, which we can only indicate here. It describes the center of the universe, as well as the center of our personalities (Kether in both cases). The most important members of this Gematria are KBVD (glory, weight, or mass – also signifying gravitation), and ChYH – the Life-power. It’s also the number of all paths of wisdom – 32 in total –  Jehovah’s Ancient Way.

14 In Judaic mysticism, righteousness designates the attainment of Chesed and the becoming of one of the the Chassidim, the compassionate.

15 This is another inspiring version of the polarity of Chokmah and Binah: understanding and purity (Binah is the sanctifying intelligence) and righteousness and knowledge (knowledge is knowable wisdom). This verse introduces also the Sephiroth Geburah and Chesed, which represent Chokmah and Binah in the created world. This will become clearer in the following verses.

16 This is the dualism of Geburah and Chesed. Instruction is Geburah, the seat of karma, the undeviating justice. Knowledge (daath) is the invisible Sephirah of the same name. Through it, the Godness produces Chesed, the highest Sephirah in the manifest world. Silver is linked to Yesod and gold to Tiphareth. Mind the term reprobate silver from Jeremiah 6.30: Men shall call them reprobate silver, because Jehovah hath rejected them. Reprobate silver is KSP NMAS, and counts 311, like the AYSh (man, the illusive Yesod ego), TzPQYAL (meaning contemplation of God – a reference to Binah), and RPAL (God the Healer – a reference to Hod, the intellectual understanding of wisdom).

17 Subtlety, ormah (ORMH) can also mean guile, wilily, wisdom, prudence, shrewdness, and craftiness. This refers to the abuse of wisdom or knowledge by people. An underdeveloped ego is intelligent and knowledgeable (Hod), but uses its intelligence for selfish ends (the wickedness). The phrase reveal knowledge in wickedness beautifully illustrates the omnipresence of wisdom. However much people warp knowledge, its essence (wisdom) remains undefiled.

18 In Hebrew evil is RO, and denotes primarily God’s evil. God’s evil is described in Isaiah 45.7: I form the light, I create darkness, I make peace, and I create evil. God’s evil are plagues, catastrophes (acts of God) and adversity. Adversity is Satan and, in a higher context, also Binah’s restricting influence on Chokmah. Mind that evil is not wickedness – evil done by people.

19 Sound knowledge is not Chokmah, it’s tuwshiyah, which means wisdom, enterprise, thing as it is, that which is, substance, working, sound knowledge, success, efficient wisdom, abiding success. It may be an antetype of sekel (intelligence – useful consciousness). 

20 Geburah, the Sephirah below Binah.

21 The way of righteousness is probably Chesed. The paths of judgment could be another name for the paths of wisdom or the two paths emanating from Geburah, i.e. Tarot card 11, Justice, and Tarot card 12, The Hanged Man. It could also be the Middle Pillar of the Tree of Life, which is constituted by the Uniting Intelligence (High Priestess, connecting Kether and Tiphareth), the Intelligence of Probation and Trial (Temperance, connecting Tiphareth and Yesod), and the Administrative Intelligence (The World, connecting Yesod and Malkuth). The Middle Pillar is said to balance the Pillar of Mercy (Chesed) and Severity (Geburah).

22 The essence of wisdom can be two things: the Life-power or the substance aspect of Chokmah (the little sister without breasts, the High Priestess). Be reminded once again that Elohim put wisdom into Solomon’s heart, meaning the key to wisdom is love, not knowledge or literacy.

23 Jehovah is the God-name of Chokmah, wisdom, the second Sephirah. Jehovah’s ancient way is the establishment of the Tree of Life through the 32 paths of wisdom – creation. Judaic mysticism connects wisdom and law (torah). According to some rabbinical teachers the Torah was one of the six or seven things created before the world and served the Grand Architect as a blueprint (the archetypes of Atziluth). Rabbi Akiba called the Torah the precious instrument by which the world was created Rabbi Rav said that Jehovah looked into the Torah before He created the world.

24 According to Judaic mysticism, Atziluth was already in place before creation began with Elohim separating the heavens and the earth (Genesis 1.1).

25 The Hebrew term for brought forth is khool, ChYL, which also means to twist and whirl, which is a subtle hint at Kether, the Beginning of the Whirlings, the Sephirah that emanates Chokmah. Together, Kether and Chokmah constitute Atziluth.

26 The depth is the mind-blowing abyss of waters with many surfaces mentioned in Genesis 1.2.

27 The world’s dust is the dust of which Adam was formed. This is not dust-dust, but the First Matter, the energetic substance of Yetzirah that is said to be granular.

28 The preparations of the heavens may also have taken place prior to creation – before Elohim separated the heavens and the earth. A word about the four cabalistic worlds or universes: they are known as Atziluth, Briah, Yetzirah, and Assiah. According to mystic Judaism, Atziluth, the  spiritual universe, wasn’t created bur rather intended into existence. It existed already before God Mother began creation (Genesis 1.1). The qabalistic names of the three lower universes are derived from the verbs bara (create), yetzra (form), and assah (make). These three verbs are used in the Hebrew Bible in a precise manner. Isaiah, 45.5: I am Jehovah, and there is none else. There is no Elohim beside me. I guided you, although you weren’t aware of me. You shall know that from the rising of the sun to its setting that there is none beside me. I am Jehovah and there is none else. I form the light and create darkness, I make peace and create evil. I am Jehovah and I do everything. The four universes have fuzzy borders, but can be distinguished by their substances: Atziluth’s substance is spirit or fire, Briah’s is water, Yetzirah’s is air, and Assiah’s is earth (solid). The three lower universes exist in the dark, primordial deep mentioned in Genesis 1.3 and if one wants to migrate from one universe to another, one has to cross this abyss every time. In mystic Judaic Atziluth and Briah together are the heavens (or Atziluth is the heaven of heavens) and Yetzirah and Assiah constitute the earth.

29 The compass upon the face of the deep is probably the establishment of the cube of space.

30 The clouds above separate Briah and Yetzirah. This is the cloud upon the sanctuary that veils Binah, the lowest Sephirah of the Godness or Divine Triad.

31 The fountain of the deep is the Life-power. This has both macrocosmic and microcosmic significances. Another image: the dragon that emerges from the deep and whose head shall be trampled upon.

32 The foundations are not Yesod, but mowsad, MVSD, 110. This is the first time I stumble upon this word and its Gematria, which includes OM (people, nation) and KPY (hands – plural of KP, Tarot card 10).

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